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So What ?/One Step Closer mash-up (Live Performance by Far East Movement)


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Hey guys and girls,


I got something for you. Those who watched MTV World Stage last night (23.07.2011) already know it, but I like this so much that I wanna share this video with you. It's a mash-up of So What ? by Far East Movement and One Step Closer by Linkin Park, recorded live in Malta, 2011 and broadcasted via MTV World Stage. In my opinion the guys did very well, even though it was a short snippet of One Step Closer.

If you're interested in the full song or more videos from this MTV World Stage show, click here to visit my youtube channel.


And now .. have fun and good night ;)

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haha I exspected answers like that :D

Of course it's not what OSC has to sound like and it's kind of degrading,but I think it was an interesting performance with a .. well .. new idea ^_^

I wouldn't blame them for messin' around with such a -in my opinion- fucking awesome song. Nobody tries to convince you.


EDIT: Just watched it again and recognized that I fucking hate the scratching.

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