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What was the first LP show you attended?


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I looked and I didn't find any threads for this... So I thought I'd make this thread. What was the first LP show you attended? Mine was Bamboozle 2007... It was an awesome show. The crowd was loud, good setlist. It was the last show they played Runaway at and it was their first full show back since 2004 (Not counting Live 8 or MFR 2005) in the US. It was also Chester's son Tyler's first concert.

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Mine was Projekt Revolution 2007. I went again the next year in 2008. Both shows were amazing. I think I may have enjoyed 2007 more. All I remember from the other bands is that the fire from the MCR show was wayyyy to hot.


I wish Projekt Rev would happen this year.


By the way, both shows were in Bristow, VA.

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13.06.2007 - Chorzów, Poland, Stadion Śląski - Opening for Pearl Jam, European Tour

First and only LP show that I attended, and I got a Meet & Greet opportunity :)


A bit shortened setlist comparing to other shows of that period, but overall it was nice.

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I'm so pissed off that I didn't go to Live 8, I was going to go, but at last minute I couldn't... It would have been my first LP show, then I had to wait until mid 2007 because of the hiatus!

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