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Favorite LP Song to play on an instrument


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What is it?


I'm a drummer, and my favorites to play are:


One Step Closer

Points of Authority

By Myself

In The End (I know the opening notes on piano as well)

A Place For My Head

Pushing Me Away

Don't Stay


Breaking The Habit

Given Up

What I've Done

My December (on piano...I just know the opening notes)


I haven't tried to break down the songs on ATS yet, but I will soon! Hopefully, I can get trigger pads like Rob so I can really play the songs note-for-note.


What other LP songs do you play on your respective instruments? Anyone else a drummer, like me?

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Ah thats easy, being a guitarist, I'd have to say "A Place for my head" its such an awesome catchy riff, and some of the chordage is quite tricky to play!


dum dum da da do de do doo da da dum dum dum da dum dum dum da dum :lol:


I thought I'm not much of a drummer, I had a blast (attempting) to play 'No More Sorrow' the last time i was near a drum set. :)

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My favorite LP songs to play on guitar are: A Place For My Head, Forgotten, PMA, POA, Given Up, Faint, No More Sorrow, Burning in the Skies, The Catalyst, and The Messenger.


Keyboard: What I've Done, New Divide, Iridescent, BITS, and In Pieces.


I also like to jam out to all of the ATS songs on my electronic drums especially WTCFM.

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Guitar: Burning in the Skies, The Little Things Give You Away, From the Inside, Forgotten, And One, Part of Me, Reading My Eyes, A-Six, QWERTY.


Bass: Wake/Given Up, Bleed it Out, Easier to Run, Forgotten.


Drums: No More Sorrow, Shadow of the Day.


Keys: About all I really know are What I've Done and the piano versions of Pushing Me Away and My December...I like to improvise some stuff based around the interlude between Shadow of the Day/What I've Done too.


Vocals: ...Anything without screaming/rapping in it, as I most definitely can NOT do either of them. :lol:

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Guitar: The Little Things Give You Away, Faint, No More Sorrow, The Messenger.


Singing (I have quite a low voice, so I love singing most of Mike's vocals): In Between, Burning in the Skies, Blackout, Iridescent. I also enjoy trying The Messenger with my acoustic, but this song's far too high for my range and I don't have a capo to make things easier. xD


I also try some rapping. I don't know if it sounds good (probably not xD), but I definitely have fun doing it. I'm able to do W&K and WTCFM. I also try HHH, but still have a lot of troubles at some parts. xD

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I pretty much like singing and rapping any of their songs, although mostly ATS and MTM. It's funny, I wanted to be a bass like all the rest of my friends in chorus a while ago, but once I got there I realized I couldn't sing any LP. That sucked like hell lol. But now I'm all good in da hood. I just wish I could scream though. Just so I could perform all of faint :lol:

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Guitar: A Place for my head, Faint (No idea why tho...), Pushing my away (the harmonic parts), P5hng Me A*wy, TLTGYA (solo in particular), New Divide, POA, SIB, WFTE (Solo).


Keys: Shadow of the Day, Numb, Iridescent and Blackout (still learning these two)


Sampler: Wretches and Kings (Yes I do the full pad hitting Like Chester does with my HD-1), Blackout (Solo, fuck yeah)


Drums: I havent played them for a while but I love playing QWERTY and Valentines Day.


Others: WTCFM (I hook the kit up to trigger the tom samples, I play both Brad's and Chester's)

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Guitar: Given Up is basically all I can play from LP because I'm too lazy to learn xD (also TLTGYA solo)


Bass: SOTD, WTCFM (just started playin bass, so haven't tried out others yet)


Vocals: I love to sing old school LP, especially for the raspy vocals, but i also love to sing new LP for the more soft vocals. Definitely fun! However, I can rap just about any LP song known to man, except the old Xero songs and Step Up -.-


Keys: Numb, The Catalyst, WID, SOTD, LOATR, My December


I usually jam when I don't know how to play the song, but it's always fun :D

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One Step Closer (the first LP song I learnt to play and I love playing the "SHUT UP" part of the song haha)


Points of Authority (definitely the easiest LP song, but very fun)


Faint (Fun to play, fairly easy)


Paper-cut (I feel very groovy playing this song lol)


A place for my head (really fast paced---love it)


Forgotten (personally their hardest song to play from Hybrid Theory)


Lying from you (sort of similar to One Step Closer in terms of style)


Hit the Floor (very easy to play and fun, fairly similar to Points of Authority in terms of style)


From the Inside (if I feel like headbanging)


Given Up (awesome song to play, love the ending bit)


No More Sorrow (the whole song is mainly palm muted, but fun)

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