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  1. yes I know this post is old, but i just registerd today and felt like adding my 2cents in here haha. Ive read some people have said that old LP's sound was a mixture of Nu-Metal and Hip-Hop...in some ways it is true, but the genre itself "Nu-Metal" is in fact a blend of Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Alternative Metal etc all squished into 1 sound. The whole Nu-Metal concept was created by Korn back in the early 90's. They were a heavy band, but with Hip-Hop grooves and beats added on it, so people didnt know what genre they can place them in, so they created a new genre for them called "Nu-Metal". Going back on topic, I think the new album (even if i disagree with this decision) will keep going with its Electronica/Alternative sound like from ATS.
  2. Guitar: One Step Closer (the first LP song I learnt to play and I love playing the "SHUT UP" part of the song haha) Points of Authority (definitely the easiest LP song, but very fun) Faint (Fun to play, fairly easy) Paper-cut (I feel very groovy playing this song lol) A place for my head (really fast paced---love it) Forgotten (personally their hardest song to play from Hybrid Theory) Lying from you (sort of similar to One Step Closer in terms of style) Hit the Floor (very easy to play and fun, fairly similar to Points of Authority in terms of style) From the Inside (if I feel like headbanging) Given Up (awesome song to play, love the ending bit) No More Sorrow (the whole song is mainly palm muted, but fun)
  3. I dunno....Linkin Park have been getting softer and softer from each album they release and are getting further away from their Heavy Metal sound they once had in HT and Meteora. As much as I want LP to make another heavy album, I strongly doubt it...I just cant see it anymore. They will probably make another ATS album or something along those lines...All I know is, the headbanging LP we all once knew is long gone IMO.
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