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LPU Summit: LPLive.net!


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So at the LPUnderground Summit at London's O2 Arena in just under two weeks time, LPU HQ is holding a competition for Linkin Park fansites to win an exclusive interview with Mike and another member of the band. Essentially, all you have to do is show up and support the site of your choice. LPLive, LPAssociation, LPTimes, LP:BR, and all of the other fansites will be competing for this interview.


Since LPLive has such an international community, I expect quite a few people to be attending this show. Who all is going?


I believe it will work as easily as this.... Adam or someone from LPU HQ at some point during the Summit will ask how many fans are here from X site, then they'll raise their hands, then he'll ask who's here from Y site and they'll raise their hands, etc. Very simple! All we have to do is send people to the Summit and we should be good! We interviewed Chester with LPAssociation earlier last summer, so I think an interview with Mike and another member would be really cool to do. I remember a lot of people mentioning that they wanted an LPL interview with Mike, so here's your chance.


LPLive has already had a big impact on this tour, with Mike pointing out the LPLive staff in Dortmund, saying "This shit is for you guys" before he rapped 'A Place For My Head' verse 1 over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out' for the first time. The band also changed the World Tour setlist, swapping in 'Lying From You' and 'Leave Out All The Rest' after seeing our thread about the 2010 setlist (follow up here). What a better way to end the European Tour in London than to take home the right for an exclusive interview with Mike and another band member?


Let's make it happen LPLive!

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