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    Favorite band is Linkin Park obviously
  1. Totally devastating. Been thinking for ages now what to write. Still can't find the right words. RIP Chester
  2. Got my standing ticket to day 2 in London. Doing both shows now
  3. I'll be there. Was considering premium tickets but very expensive.
  4. I'm going. Going to be something very special. Looking forward to meeting so many LP fans from around the world who I know are going. Been a long time in coming since the announcement. Can't believe it's finally here Another fantastic post Mark. Well done mate
  5. I'll be there. Just going on the Saturday. Went 2011 also but this one's going to be on another scale altogether
  6. Really good video. Nice to see what is involved to play the song. My arms would so drop off
  7. Donated some money yesterday. Will do so again every month (Unless i'm broke!) They deserve some help from us lot. They all put in so much effort into making this site what it is today. Well done guys/gals
  8. 1 -The Requiem 2 - The Radiance 3 - Papercut 4 - Given Up 5 - New Divide 6 - Faint 7 - Empty Spaces 8 - When They Come For Me 9 - No More Sorrow 10 - Jornado Del Muerto 11 - Waiting For The End Loads of Tweets about the show while it's going on
  9. Was really impressed by it. Was nice not knowing for a change what was going to happen. Remix's sounded quite good
  10. I would buy older DSP's. The more the better
  11. I thought that as well Mark when I read it this morning. They seem to really enjoy playing Blackout live. Strange that it's not played more
  12. I went to both Download Festival & the Itunes Festival. For the whole experiance I would say the Itunes festival show wins. Such a small, beautiful venue. Both the crowd and the band really seemed up for it. May not get the chance to ever see them play in such an intimate venue again. Plus had M&G and I even got back to my space at the barrier right on front of Brad with some big help from aravind221. Shame UK still haven't had "Blackout" played over here yet. But we can finally cross off BITS from the list of songs not played Been a great couple months of LP shows. Roll on the nex
  13. Glad i'm not the only 1 who thought this. Thought i was just turning into an old moaning git.
  14. Yes I was at the London summit. Was by myself and to be honest didn't speak to many people. Not sure why really Getting there today about 1-1.30 so hopefully will be meeting up with some other LPU members. Really hope your right about the M&G section. Tempted to miss the M&G to get to the front. Crazy I know
  15. I sent LPU HQ an email yesterday regarding the M&G. I got the same answer that it will most probably take place at 8pm. I really thought that the M&G would take place before the doors open. It ruins the whole point of having early entry to the venue IMO. Think there will be a few upset people later today if this is the case. I know it's for a good charity but some people have really spent a lot of money on the VIP tickets. (Me included) So really you can choose 2 options on the day. Get near the front and stay there. Or do the M&G and stand near the back, unless you c