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  1. Don't worry, I'm sure that's probably how it works. In iTunes, the app probably changes when there's a broadcast occurring.
  2. Wretches opening is great. You'd expect Requiem/WAK not to be a great opening combo but the punch of Wretches after tension's been building all the way through Requiem is incredible.
  3. Ouch! Is the same setlist really that big of a deal? If you're there, you don't really care about the setlist, you have the time of your life anyway. With all the new material and audio-visuals, I'm guessing it might be difficult for them to radically change the setlist "just like that".
  4. Realistically I can't see a new album next year. They're still going to be touring a heck of a lot for ATS and will want to get as much touring out of that record as they can before thinking about another. Mid-2012 earliest is my guess.
  5. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=time+in+abu+dhabi
  6. Haha, just the way it goes I guess. Didn't know Mike was watching.
  7. Thanks... my throat's been killing me all week but I figured it was too good to pass up
  8. Wait, what's all this about them all being instrumentals? "What We Don't Know" sure ain't...
  9. Just starting to listen through the CD now. Sounds good
  10. I'll be there. Guess I can support LPL
  11. Damn, LFY and LOATR live in 2010 look incredible. Thanks for the videos
  12. I would echo the statement that it needs to be announced further in advance - most people going to London will have grabbed tickets and sorted out travel arrangements when tickets first went on sale.
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