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Hybrid Theory Tournament (Closed)


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just cause you're not happy with the result doesn't mean you should hold your own little "election"

leftshoe's way was more thorough and made a lot more sense than "Hey, guys, vote for your favorite song!"

i comepletely agree. Even though i did not like With You winning the election i think this topic should be closed, and is kinda retarted. we alrady did an election and we already got the top 3. deal with it. In all reality it doesn't matter which song won cause we all have our own opinions.
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Because I hate the result of leftshoe18's election...


I think the live version of With You is better.


So,let's vote again!




Choose the best song in HT in your thought.


And I will delete the songs in few votes or no votes. Like leftshoe18's.




2.One Step Closer

3.With You

4.Points Of Authority



7.By Myself

8.In The End

9.A Place For My Head


11.Cure For The Itch

12.Pushing Me Away

13.My December

14.High Voltage


I vote for Papercut.


Because I think it's the best song in HT forever!


And the best song of LP Forever!


The live version is awesome!


So,let's go!




Today,I've changed the rules because of some people.

Can we close this thread? I find it slightly aggravating

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