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The LPLive Grey Daze Encounter


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So over the course of quite a long time, LPLive member LESTAT went on a massive hunt and compiled a huge Grey Daze feature for us to post on the site. He conducted interviews with many of the members and got a lot of information that we've never heard before about the band. This is one of the most interesting pieces we've ever featured on the site, so I would definitely check this one out. There's a LOT of information about Chester in here. After close to 50 emails exchanged between staff members on getting this wrapped up...it's finally ready!


Check it!


Take a look here, at the "LPLive Grey Daze Encounter".


Thanks to LESTAT for one hell of a process he went through to get all of this for us!

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I have some info that I can give you, from Jonathan Krause and Mace Beyers. If any is interesting on this please let know it to any site admin to contact me. I will be very proud of share it!

go ahead and share it.



and he said hes better than phoenix because hes bitter. but he could possibly be. but couldnt tell from his recordings. those songs sucked lol.

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