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  1. Just posted the clip of both apfmh/bio this morning. Enjoy btw I apologize that the video part of the video isn't great because I was using an older iPod touch to record this, hopefully someone will have a better video out there.
  2. Don't worry I'm not complaining about setlists tho at the same time there's nothing wrong with freshning the list up a little so brings a lil more life into it. I suppose the question now with linkin park playing their last headline show currently as of writing, makes you wonder if any songs from living things yet to play live will ever see the light of day ala Robot Boy
  3. Has anyone ever thought their would be a full set without 'in the end'? I'm sure there will be some unhappy customers but again I'm just happy to see apfmh pop it's big head where it counts, crowd were really into it. Btw mike went in the crowd for apfmh bridge and Chester did same for big final chorus of bio.
  4. Just got back, pretty awesome show. Especially the 2 surprises in the encore, I swear its as if someone heard me and they played apfmh for me lol but really it was a controversial poll, from where I stood it was louder that they wanted 'in the end' lol I'm sorry that I couldn't be able to do the live twitter as my twitter app had problems lately hence why I didn't ask ppl to follow me coz I didn't want their accounts hacked like mine was the other week. Anyway I look forward to seeing linkin park again down the track but my lil nephews gunna go to sound wave on Friday to see them, Metallica and others. So yep it's set a with apfmh (ext outro) instead of in the end plus bio with awesome rob solo
  5. Well it's 6:50pm here ATM so about 8:45pm or 1 hr & 55 mins. I'm just glad to be here and about to get ready to go enjoy a monster of a show.
  6. First off I couldn't agree with you guys more about the dsp debate, goes to show just because its mixed cleanly doesn't mean it's gunna be perfect varying recording to recording. Secondly I heard soundwave is meant to have a highlights show Saturday afternoon eastern Australian time on cable tv here, I suspect there's likely to be only a few linkin park songs on there. Finally it's about 6:30am here and I almost got no sleep because I've been waiting 11 years of my lp fandom for this day, before I can enjoy tonight's concert I got a long 6 hr trip from Portland to Melbourne along with stress of getting to the hotel to check in and prep for tonight. Fingers crossed apfmh or some live debuts of powerless or I'll be gone happens coz ill go off my rockers then. If not ill still have an enjoyable show. If I find out about tonight's setlist or anything else ill let you guys know. I know you guys wish you were here.
  7. If this show is as great as they say it is im looking forward to the sidewave show the bands doing on wednesday in melbourne and ill be there in person rocking my sox out lol On another note 2 things came out of a fan getting injured, he was able to give the band the thumbs up (after points was stopped prob coz he was crushed or something) and im glad hes ok coz no one wants to see someone get hurt or killed, and also goes to show how passionate aussies are about linkin park (even if there are those there waiting for metallica and that they need to be careful for others, particularly in the pits during the heavy songs). Anyway fingers crossed they play 'a place for my head' in melbourne or maybe IF they debut 'ill be gone' or 'powerless' coz ill be going bonkers
  8. 1st i also agree that vocals are usually th last thing recorded before mixing and record completion. Now ii dig theres gossip on linkin park lately as newsfront has been quiet. Anyone expecting another hybrid theory (aka metal album) for the forseeable future will need to give it up. As for record sales, they dont mean squat when most music fans choose to download illegally on the net rather than pay for the albums/singles coz of hard times ecomonically and even then theyd still rather use their money for wat ever use so now its not defined on if linkin park sells 12 million records again on one album coz it wont happen. Rather its defined on how the live shows are and if the fans like their albums or not coz remember listening to music is not only about something to listen to in situation or to dance to but its to tell a story as well. Anyway with more and more rumours and with some europe shows announced in the american summer it could be that the album could be out by then (mid-year). But be cautious that until you hear any official word from lp.com or from the band members themselves take these gossip with a grain of salt. But otherwise im excited
  9. Really sucks for those who brought tickets for the show, if i brought tickets to the show and found out that lp pulled out id be pissed too. Blame the promoter, not the band. But i do hope tho chester gets better (will take a long while to recover from surgery surely) As far as this concerns it sucks that its (tour cycle) prematurely already over, felt like this hasnt been a very big tour as their previous ones (particullary with no projekt revolution) also i reckon for sure that robot boy will NEVER see the light of day in any capacity if what mike said about multi-layered playing of it, after all theyd b exhausted playing a lot of instruments/vocals in other thousand sun songs live, plus it was the least popular of the albums songs. But looking forward to album #5 and my guess on that is itll prob be early/mid 2013, not 2012 as chester said coz theres always something to cause delays (my guess but who knows).
  10. If it wasnt for steve jobs i wouldnt be crankin the huge lp library and bunch of others on my ipod, not to mention all the fun apps and so on. The man is a motivator, an icon and a genius, There will never be another. R.I.P
  11. It's nice to have a site back, long overdue i'd say but patence is golden they say!!! I also cant wait for the exclusive too, by the looks of that preview we could get hiddem gem proshot concert of sorts, time will tell i guess
  12. Hope i get to see em next time theyre down here if the world doesnt end in 2012 lol melbourne night 2 wouldve been classic
  13. OMFG!!! Blackout & Burning In The Skies??? Now i definitly wish i did came to the show on one of the nights. Oh well, theres the dsp to look forward to.
  14. It's too bad that i wont be going tonight even tho i want to. Instead maybe i hope itll be a good show to get a dsp of. It'd be sick if Jay-Z popped up or one of them songs they havent played yet (Burning in the Skies, Blackout or Robot Boy) And can someone tell Chester to watch his landing this time round? lol
  15. So much for a 'full' show MTV!!! :/ Oh well, thank goodness for the internet nowadays Edit: Oh and thank goodness also to sources and fansites like lp live
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