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  1. Hey everyone, I know this is quite off topic but I have a quick question I am not a member of the LPU, but I have considered to join with the sole purpose of getting an M&G. The show I am attending will be May 30th, so my question is: If I join the LPU now (like, today) is there any hope of still getting the M&G? On topic: I don't understand why there is so few ATS songs on the recent set list, but yay for the oldies back in the set. Looking very much forward to seeing the set lists in the near future!
  2. Hey everyone, quick question! I am not a member of the LPU, but I have considered to join with the sole purpose of getting an M&G. The show I am attending will be May 30th, so my question is: If I join the LPU now (like, today) is there any hope of still getting the M&G?
  3. I think either a guitar or bass tech played Phoenix' parts. Usually it is not their first tour with LP, and after seeing/listnening to several shows, and you are used to playing the instruments, the songs will just stick with you.
  4. Congratulations Norway! Now give us a Danish festival date!!!
  5. It makes perfect sense for LP to choose Iridescent as the next video and make it explosive. Just think of some of the lyrics: "When you were standing in the wake of devastation" "With the cataclysm raining down" "And in a burst of light that blinded every angel As if the sky had blown the heavens into stars" It could have massive explosions and a completely destroyed world, and just put it in slowmotion, and suddenly it fits the mood of the song. but likewise, it could just as well fit BITS.
  6. Perhaps the Danish Roskilde festival, dates are in the first week of july. And they are a big wish on the wishlist of the fans.
  7. well, it's my favourite song, and they've played it at all four shows i've seen with them. and since, what, 2004, there has not been a full show where they have not played it. true, wasn't impressed with the demo's though, but it is a cool gesture. yes there was an awesome lpu event tied in with two great shows, where they brought back From the Inside, which I was stocked on. but it doesn't change the fact that they did not play breaking the habit! yet, this is a very cool setlist, but I just don't see how putting in BTH changes anything, they would not be playing any larger number of songs than they have for the first part of the tour. but oh well, they are the bosses
  8. seriously, what the fuck is up with them not playing breaking the habit
  9. great read! i do have one question that i'm really excited about. there is a list of bands/artists that Grey Daze played with, and it named the band Freudian Slip. where does that band come from? i would really like to know
  10. so happy to see iridescent being played even though rob screwed up from 1:37 to 2:27 by not even playing the snare drum beat and only kicking the basic but looking so much forward to seeing the new stuff live
  11. you clearly don't have a clue about danish music fans! LP in pumpehuset, 2001, sold out, Linkin Park Forum 2003, sold out (but was cancelled), forum 2007 sold out, linkin park skive beach part sold out on one day tickets, mch arena herning 2010, will undoubtly sell out, so maybe we don't deserve a show more than sweden, maybe they just realised that it's better buisness...
  12. think it's sad that this show is in jutland and not copenhagen! there's room for 4500 people there, that's less than half of their show in forum 2007, which was sold out! if they don't care about how big it is, then at least announce it in a proper venue like big vega! or two shows in big vega! or just in forum. oh well, who am I kidding, i'll be going anyways fourth LP show in 4 years
  13. i will be at the show. anyone going from copenhagen, contact me!
  14. is it just me or does it sound like brad playing some of the pushing me away guitar intro in "In the End" verse in this vid from 2:03 ?? Sonisphere Highlights
  15. well, i don't know whether it will be a fylly broadcast, but uk sonisphere is in talks with several tv channels to broadcast some of the shows, and theres is a usb wristband where performances from some of the sonispheres will be put out to...
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