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The Messenger Live


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Studio > Live.


The studio version has MUCH more emotion. Hell, I can't even believe that Chester believes what he's singing in the live version. That's not to say that it is a bad song live, but that there is just no emotion in it. I enjoy both, just, the latter is a bit bland, which is unfortunate because it is being sung well.

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I still dig it, but if LP ever did an acoustic-type performance; I could see them doing the studio version.

I highly doubt they'll ever play the song in its original key live. It's kind of in the same category as No Roads Left is with Mike, it would probably totally wreck Chester's voice to attempt the original version live. It's not like they just took it down a half step to ease the strain on his voice a bit, they dropped the song all the way down from the key of G to the key of Eb. In its original key, The Messenger has the highest note Chester's ever hit on record - a high C (a half step higher than the peaks in Given Up's choruses and the long "goooooot" near the end of Waiting For the End). Unless they do a one-off performance of the song on a TV show that isn't in the middle of a tour or something like that, it's probably not a good idea for Chester to even attempt that song.


Anyway, I like the live version a bit more than I did originally, but I think it could be tweaked around a bit. The studio version is a bit on the rushed side, but I think the live version is too slow. It would probably liven up a bit too if they took it up to the key of E, I've been messing around with a version of it in E and I think it sounds pretty good.

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As I listened the first time to The Messenger on the album I was like: "Ok... they dropped all of the power from catalyst and let the album come to an end... really sad!" at the beginning and: "Well that was nice! Want to hear it live!"


And after Stuttgart and Frankfurt, I think it's the most impressive and deep touching song they ever done! I love the end of the live version!



And Chester lifting his hands in the end, as if he talked to god before. That's so nice.

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