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    my son <3 (he's my everything, my life) :)<br />dbs<br />tattoos<br />...
  1. burning in the skies is great... but i would prefer blackout.. :/
  2. i can't waaaaiiiit the pics are amazing!!
  3. It was amazing I went to Brussels and Cologne.. The 2 times it was just perfect.. 2 times on the first row... I hope they will come back one day
  4. i'll be there.. 22.10. stuttgart & 27.10. cologne
  5. hi i felt in love with out of ashes the first time i heard it.. dead by sunrise is my favourite band!! after see them live in brussels and cologne, i knew dbs will be always a part of my life.. it changes it in a better way! especially the song "into you".. it's my favourite song of all times!! always when i hear this special part "...despite all those things you've done, you'll always be the one to catch me when i faaaaaall into you...." i have to cry, because it's so magical, it's a moment where i forget all my problems and i feel sooo good!! and i hear this song every day...
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