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For those who suffer from boredom, I've created a fun lil LP game. Basically to sum up the rules I will start by quoting the very first line from the very first LP song and we will have to continue up until the end of A Thousand Suns. So basically here's how it'll start. The first line of Carousel is :


"She can't hide no matter how hard she tries, her secret disguise behind the lies."


Then the next person will state the next lyric and the next person so on until the song is done, we do so for every song on every album until we get up to the final track on A Thousand Suns. Now this is only for the studio albums, I'm counting HTEP as well because they are all original songs. So the following albums are the only ones allowed.


Hybrid Theory EP

Hybrid Theory


Minutes To Midnight

A Thousand Suns


Remember, no double posting either, that's a rule on the site anyways but I just thought I'd make that clear, alright let's see how long this takes! I started you guys off with the first line from Carousel.


Also, the following B- Sides are allowed AFTER each of its respective albums are completed in this order.


Hybrid Theory


My December

High Voltage


Minutes To Midnight

No Roads Left

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