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  1. Well at least this is the most unique show of the tour so. Far it will be interesting to see what the mystery song is.
  2. AGumby

    Live Setlists

    OK. How about when they play somewhere new and just play the "greatest hits setlist" and when they go to a place where they've played lots of times switch up some songs but don't take out new songs unless your switching from one new song to another as you should be promoting a new album. I know lots of bands that don't changed their setlists throughout a tour bit if they play something like 2/3 nights at one place then they do switch up the setlist for that place. For example Slipknot in 2008 played 3 nights at the Hammersmith Apollo and they changed 1/2 songs around so if people were coming to the shows they didn't see the same show twice. KoRn who have been playing a pretty much constant set on theor current European tour have been switching some songs around but it's only small like 1-3 but to some people that makes all the difference especially when prives have been raised. If a band is playing the same venue a couple of nights in a row they should switch it up because other wise unless all of the shows are sold out the need for another show isn't really justified. LP probably won't come back and do another European tour like this one they'll probably just do the festival circuit so some people are bound to lose out as some countries don't have big festivals that LP are likely to play at so they would not be able to take advantage from this if LP do rotate sets next year. I'm not having a go at the setlist I like it but having variety wouldn't hurt and it amkes it so the set feels less stale.
  3. I think they may not rotate setlists untill London considering they're having a convention there for LPU members I doubt the setlist will be the same for both nights.
  4. I thought this was the most important quote from the article "I made my mind up three years ago: I don't want to scream anymore," said Bennington, 34, stepping into the studio after a drive up from home in Orange County, his hair cut close to the scalp. "I think all of us at that point were going, 'If I keep doing this, this is just what I'm going to keep doing for the rest of my life.'" He attributes his willingness to step into new emotional territory to his experience raising four boys (ages 4, 8, 13 and 14 years), along with a widening of his musical tastes: "I'm a father now. I'm inspired to sing that way." You can read the rest here http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/14/en...park-20100914/2 Well this sucks
  5. I found this video and I thought it would be interesting to post. even though it's basically them having a laugh.
  6. Ok I've copied out this amount so far: 01000110011000010110110001101100111001100100000011011000110000100100000011011000 111010101 But I can't be bothered to do more
  7. So he's a lurker ay...........
  8. Because it's not posted by a user it's posted by Amazon.
  9. AGumby

    Proggy sound

    Sounds interesting but I really hope Chester has a lot of aggressive screams in there.....
  10. The lines in the background remind of the album cover of Lateralus by Tool.
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