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Australian LP Tour with suprise appearence from jay-z?


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Linkin Park will be touring Australia in early december and U2 about the same time. Jay-Z is touring with U2. The dates are around the same too.


My question is, does anyone think there is a chance he will have a suprise appearence at any of the shows?



I have my fingers crossed (:

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First Point

Just got an email from MCP,

Don’t miss Linkin Park, with special guests, this December:"

Could mean the support act, but then again options are open.


Second Point

Also take note, Jay-Z will be here under U2, U2 is also being presented by MCP. So if both the tours are being presented by MCP. Also all shows are on different days. Could mean he can come over seeing hes not doing a show.


Coincidence, you decide?

In my eyes, could possible and better happen!

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If Jay is in the country at the same time, he's going to do it. It's too perfect of a situation. He'll be there for LP. Numb/Encore in Australia, I'm calling it. Maybe not all shows but he might do it for 1-2 shows.

If he doesnt, Im going to kill you :) deal :P

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When They Come For Me featuring Jay-Z would be mind blowing.


I could totally see that, he did have a part on OSC once in 04 and it wasn't POA / 99 Problems / OSC, though I'll be he just rapped his verse from OSC on the album. Either way as long as they don't pull another R2R then that'd be SICKK.

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03.12. - 08.12. Brisbane - also quite possible

07.12. - 18.12. Perth

09.12. - ------- Adelaide

11.12. - 13.12. Sydney - only 2 days apart, most possible

13.12. - 01.12. Melbourne - impossible due to Sydney show


"Special guests" means nothing at all, they just want you to think: "Cool, special guests, must be something real special then"

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If people wanna see Jay-Z then they can go pay for the cheap $40 ticket to U2.

Thankgod he can't come to Melbourne, i'm paying $145 to see LP do a whole set, not have some guy come in, sing a few lines then ruin the song by sayin 'yeah' and 'cha' the rest of the time

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it would be cool if they do something together, specially if it's something different from numb/encore or jigga what/faint

Point of Authority/99 problems/One Step closer (with epic outro) would be cool.


Also even

Dirt off your shoulder/Lying from you

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