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    I like to do anything, just ask me and chances are I'll do it. If your lucky I'll film it to.
  1. ... I'm not even going to bother with you people.
  2. You have got to be kidding me... This really points out more of what I was saying.
  3. It's invalid because it goes against your opinion right?
  4. once again, in YOUR opinion. Personally I don't like ATL.
  5. I have been listening to Grey Daze for years, so this information is really cool. It is really appreciated, despite the lack of comments.
  6. Let me translate what you are trying to say into something easier to understand: "My opinion is correct so no matter what you say about these new songs you are wrong."Maybe YOU should be backhanded.
  7. Idiotic statements? Balls to that my friend. Balls to that.
  8. Four of the tracks do, I believe.
  9. With a band as busy as Linkin Park is, do you REALLY think they are going to record 10 tracks a year just to shut the fan club up? They mention the word demo and bricks are shat, but once we get them the bricks of shit hit the fan. I must add: I think the tracks are great.
  10. No, you wouldn't. Unless the songs were already released elsewhere.
  11. Linkin Park Underground will help you out. All you gotta do is sign up and buy it once they make it available.
  12. To the people complaining: May I point out the word DEMO? Unfortunate: 2:07What We Don't Know: 3:39 Oh No: 2:05 I Have Not Begun: 3:06 Pale: 5:01 Pretend To Be: 3:56 Divided: 3:40 What I've Done: 3:40 Coal: 3:39 Halo: 3:42
  13. Nice work dude! That's a real effort!
  14. A great post by Mike. Couldn't agree more about the selling out stuff.
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