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Linkin Park - "The Catalyst" with lyrics video.


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Mike shinoda :-


Here's a fun little quickie video some of our peeps made. Someone on our team (thanks Nate) put it up on the official YouTube channel so you guys had a version with lyrics out there. In case it isn't obvious, this isn't the official video for the song, ha! That's being overseen by Joe Hahn, and will be coming soon…






source:- mikeshinoda .com

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"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group."




HAHA. Warner Bros. FAIL!!! They remove the video from the OWN BANDS YOUTUBE PAGE!? This is too funny.

Uhh...the video's still there...?

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Adam said Youtube removed the video, not WB.

Too bad. It would have been one more reason for me to hate WB. :(


Uhh...the video's still there...?

It was down, but it is now back up. Guess WB or LP Management told YouTube that it was legit.


So... What's different? Can anyone tell?

1. Scratching during the intro has been taken out - ~13 seconds

2. They cut out 4 "Lift me up, Let me go" during the outro build up - ~30 seconds

3. They cut out 2 "Lift me up, Let me go" after the outro build up - ~12 seconds

4. They cut the outro instrumental short - ~5 seconds

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Is it here like on lp.com?


I love the catalyst, but on lp.com there are many kids spaming with their very negative comments.

I'm sick of writing that changing is the best thing lp did. No one remembers papa roach or lost prophets...they have never changed.

Has anyone read all this?

What's your opinion?

Is here on lpl a topic about that?





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