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Download To Donate - Four More Songs


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From The Music For Relief Twitter


New songs for Download to Donate For Haiti being released tomorrow!


Update: They just added four songs into the player!

What's been added:


Butterfly (Featuring Allison Allport) by Weezer

Slipstream (Slimmed Down Mix, featuring Jason Lyte) by The Crystal Method

Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) by Metric

Times Like These (Live from Red Rocks) by Jack Johnson


Do you like them? Don't forget to spread the word!

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hmm. i doubt it why would they? They already released one. I think DBS needs to bounce on this ball and release at least Crawl Back In Acoustic from Vegas on this shit lol

Or Dead by Sunrise B-sides.

Edit: Plus Kenna has two songs on there where he is featured on vocals so you never know, there's an outside chance it could happen for LP to release another song.

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They're up now; check the lpl main page w/ the widget.

Ah dang, the Gold guns girls Mike Shinoda remix. It's a shame that it was an internet album saying that it would be feature unreleased music when Mike already released it before. Oh well, will check out the other two songs. Who knows? Maybe more songs will come as the day goes by.

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havent even listened to the gold gun girls remix haha. but i guess this is alright

and for the record im one of the firm believers that just because mike or another member of LP remixes something by another artist it isnt new LP content

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Anybody know how we get the 4 new tracks? Do we have to re-download the entire album with those 4 included or there a way to download just those specifically?

Just checked the download, the new tracks haven't been added to it yet. I'm sure they will be soon enough.

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