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09.08.2009 - Osaka, Japan

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The next show for LP will be at the Maishima in Osaka, Japan for day two of their Summer Sonic run this month. The setlist should still be the same as Europe, but once again we'll need confirmation on that since Mike likes to change stuff up (especially on this tour).


Summer Sonic Day Two! Anyone going? The crowd last night was at 60,000 I believe...that's a pretty big show for LP.


If anyone gets the confirmed setlist for Chiba City, let us know and do the same for Osaka. Dead By Sunrise will be playing and we'll get a DSP (sweet, a DSP from a festival show), so we all should be looking forward to it.


And Mike Shinoda is looking for inspiration, do you want a different song over POA for this show? go to Mike's blog and request.

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I suggested Step Up verse 1, both Qwerty verses, or both Forgotten verses. I rapped them to myself to make sure they'd fit. XD


I also suggested he could try Papercut verse 2 over the outro if he ever wanted to switch it up.

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Why hasn't nothing surfaced of this show ? no post on homepage, no setlist, nothing.

Well I haven't posted anything on the homepage for a post show discussion or a setlist because noone has reported anything at all from that show. For Chiba City we got 1 post of the setlist, but no POA info. Weird. I mean I can make a post show discussion thread for it in the Newswire but I don't think we'd get any replies since there's nothing to discuss, lol. We need to find someone that went to the show.

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Someone told me that they did this set:

01. Session

02. Given Up

03. From The Inside

04. Somewhere I Belong

05. No More Sorrow

06. Lying From You

07. Points Of Authority

08. What I've Done

09. Leave Out All The Rest

10. Numb

11. Breaking The Habit

12. Shadow Of The Day

13. Hands Held High (Verse 1 A Cappella)

14. Crawling

15. In The End

16. Bleed It Out


17. Crawl Back In (Dead By Sunrise)

18. Fire (Dead By Sunrise)

19. My Suffering (Dead By Sunrise)


20. New Divide

21. Faint

22. One Step Closer



Total time show: 120 mins (2 hours)

and some friends from japan told me, that DBS did 4 songs this time...

im trying to get more infos and confirm this..

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