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  1. BAD crowd? no! I was in the first section and everyone was nonstop jumping and screaming...that was everything esle than a bad crowd
  2. from what I looked up it won't be broadcasted at RaR but I can't find the source right now that said so...I saw a list with the concerts that would be broadcasted but LP was not on it...but that should be checked again to be sure because a lot is broadcasted live or afterwards, full or in parts
  3. Haha Rock am Ring will go crazy! I actually can't understand why they didn't here in holland....maybe because the festival has a broader variety of music but also yesterday Rock in Rio seemed not soooo enthusiastic to me...when I saw what happened before at The Offspring I was quite surprised that they didn't go that crazy as well when LP played...but however Rock am Ring will definitely go crazy. I mean when all of those not really hardcore fans say "We want the old, real LP stuff" and so on the setlist from Rock in Rio would definitely get them crankin' up not to forget that there are a lot of hardcore fans such as me and some others who also posted here
  4. mind blowing indeed...this was just amazing....i hope they keep this kind of energy and I am sure there will be some crowds that make the whole thing even better...so excited!
  5. Haha verbatim2, GO! I'm in the same position and go to Germany next week and drop 2 of my exams for Rock am Ring
  6. OH MY GOD! GREAT...if this is true...just GREAT...GREAT!
  7. Such a good blog entry. It makes things pretty clear and everyone who is still demanding "they should do stuff like hybrid theory" just doesn't understand what making music or art in general means. I am so happy that I am able to just listen and learn to love what they end up with and not only nagging all the time about how they were. Times are changing and so are they. In this sense: I just can't wait for tomorrow and the following weeks and months.
  8. i am SOOOO jealous that i can't go to the north american tour...I really like the prodigy and I saw pendulum twice...at first at rock am ring this year when i didn`t heard of them before and they were so good that a friennd of mine and me decided to see them in Berlin when we were there in september and it was AWESOME! lucky guys who can see those bands PLUS inkin park! insane awesome combo!
  9. I will be there in about 2 - 3 hours + LPU meet and greet : )
  10. michaLPLP

    Live Setlists

    I agree. they have enough songs to switch the setlists up a bit without taking out songs of ATS. I think they should do that for the fans...they are titled "one of the best live bands" so they should definitely do something about with setlists
  11. nice ill be there in cologne when do i get to know where to meet?
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