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Transformers 2 Premiere Show

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Linkin Park has just finished their performance in Los Angeles for the Transformers 2 Premiere. This post will continue to be updated with pictures that people have sent in throughout the night.


If you went to the show, drop us a reply and let us know how it was!


Guest pass for the performance

Line to get in

Stage area

Stage area filling up

Band on the stage

5 of the 6 members on the red carpet

New red carpet pic - Was Brad trying to look like a Jonas brother?


NEW DIVIDE live! Thanks to Linkin0827!



Show page can be found here. Thanks for the updates everyone that has sent them in to me tonight via AIM, Facebook and text messages!

Who in the world was the girl that introduced 'New Divide'?

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Eh, with all the hype they gave this show the bad seating is really a buzzkill. But, it was free-admission, and it isn't under LP's control. Celebrities will be treated like celebrities.


I say there needs to be a celebrity mosh-pit. It would make up for everything a bit.

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I'm not so sure that fans got in for free just by showing up like Mike was hinting at on his blog. Maybe they were but the reason they gave passes was to prevent that.


Start time has been moved to 10:15pm as far as I know, so that should be within 10 minutes.

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Pics/video by fans will be up either later tonight or tomorrow. New Divide proshot live on MTV tomorrow night hopefully.


Can anyone reupload that picture of them on stage? Not working for me anymore, but I could see it earlier.

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Not at all lol. Seems pretty shitty though, you have to admit. Of course LP doesn't control that or else they'd put the LPU'ers right in the front of the stage. I was pretty surprised though once I got a few texts that said "WTF, shitty view!!!" and "Obstructed view, they put us all on the sides of the stag with the VIPs in the middle" etc.

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