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Alright, y'all! We thought we had to wait until Europe, but nope - Linkin Park is playing their first show of 2009....tonight!


Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen is premiering tonight at Mann's Village Theater in Westwood, California at about 6:30pm PST. After the event, Linkin Park will be playing right smack dab in the middle of Wilshire Boulevard right outside of the theater. That's right - they've shut down Wilshire Boulevard and surrounding areas so Linkin Park can take the stage and play six songs for an enthusiastic crowd.


After several rehearsals over the past week, the band has decided on six songs that they will be playing. They are on tap to play 'New Divide', 'What I've Done' (both of which were in Transformers) and a few more songs. If you want to see the setlist, head to rehearsal page from the other day here otherwise I won't ruin it for you who are actually going to the show tonight. It should be a blast. MTV will be there filming from what we've heard; they said 'New Divide' from the show will be played during some Paris Hilton show tomorrow on MTV at night.


If you are going to the show, you should drop by and post about your day. Let us know how excited you are, how hectic Westwood will be today, and if you're going to just the show or the movie as well. After the show, post a review, post some pictures, post your experience. Anything is welcome. Most importantly, have fun! The KROQ check-in will be at the UCLA Parking Structure 9. Check-in is from 7:00pm PST to 9:00pm PST. Don't be late! You LPU'ers have special instructions on where to meet as well - check your email for those (you should have received them already). Also, be on the lookout for this life-sized replica of Bumblebee that will be at the premiere!


Please note, you will NOT be able to purchase tickets at the event or get in to this if you have not already won tickets through LPU or KROQ.


Posted Image


Ladies and gentlemen, the first show of 2009 is here.




Added by HybridThe0ry97:


Mike Shinoda just posted on his blog, "Who wants to go to a secret L.A. Linkin Park show tonight? Short set, but absolutely free...just ask an LPU member where to go... "


So if you live in CA or nearby, here are the details for you:



Check in is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday, June 22nd.

Check in closes @ 9:00 pm sharp, do not be late!!!

All winners must have guest present during check in.

Winner MUST be 18, or with consenting adult, with a government issued valid ID. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Name given at time of winning must match name on ID.

There are no transfers of names and all prizes won on KROQ are non transferable and cannot be exchanged.

You must print, sign and bring this release form with you.



KROQ WILL CALL is located on the top floor of UCLA Parking Structure 9.



405 North / South, exit Wilshire Blvd. (Eastbound)

Left on Gayley Avenue (2nd Light).

Right on Strathmore Place.

Follow Strathmore Place. ross over Westwood Blvd and proceed into UCLA Parking Structure 9.

Once parked, make your way to the top floor of Parking Structure 9 where the KROQ check-In location will be positioned.



Structure 9 parking will cost $9.00.

Please make sure to allow for massive amounts of traffic, street closures and construction!

You will receive two (2) access passes to a special event with Linkin Park.

No cameras.


NOTE: Admission is not guaranteed but they will probably let people in until it is full

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This is Mike's new keyboard "rig" setup. It's got the new synth situation built into the top of it...pretty creative. Instead of just using a separate synth stand for 'New Divide', he'll be using this keyboard rig the entire show. Looks like someone's trying to build an imitation Mount Hahn...? Haha.

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MTV Australia will get it but not for another 6 months at least.

My Point basically. we tend to premier things about 10 years after the premier in the states. Right hand doesn't talk to the left in a way.

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Hello, I have a Sutpid question, before I ask I must say I'm a newbie at winning stuff. :rolleyes:


I won two tickets from the LPU Contest for tonights show, does this mean I can also attend the Transfermers movie thing? Or are the tickets just for the show?


Never seen LP in concert, so Im SUPER EXCITED!!! and I'm taking my Fiance who has no idea who LP are. :P

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