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LP Show On the 17th

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Remember when Chester posted that Twitter note the other day?


"We are playing for some MFR winners. They raised 25k for MFR. Pretty amazing. I hope we don't suck".


Noone really knew what he was talking about until someone posted about the show on the Linkin Park Forums this morning. Pictures were even included. What it looks like is that the band took the Music For Relief winners of that SocialVibe contest to Third Encore in Burbank, CA (their rehearsal studio) and played 6 songs for them. The show page - complete with a setlist, show information, and pictures - is up here.


Source here.


And it sounds like the band is playing at the Transformers 2 Premiere Monday, but noone has given us a location yet. Chester is on KROQ Monday, so we might find out some information then. This was a full rehearsal for that show.


Wow! Thoughts!?


EDIT: Full setlist (all 6 songs) updated on the show page.


Lastly, SergSlim has put together a page of all "Snax" tour dates and included all the information he could find for them. That can be found here. Awesome!

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Ok got more info. bazinga! didn't get any of that info - it came from the LP.com forums.


We only know of those 4 songs being played. New Divide / WID / Numb / Faint. They were the first people to ever hear New Divide live. Only 4 fans attended. Just 4. Wow.


It was filmed for LP.com, MFR.com and the band is pushing to get it on MTV.


No piano versions, that info was wrong. Just regular songs as far as I know. I posted to see if they did any other songs besides those 4.


Holy shit.

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Oh damn maybe they are playing an older LP song like With You or something.


LOL na, they wouldn't do that to us :P Probably No More Sorrow / In The End or like Crawling / something.

LOL, i don't think so.


If she wants to keep it as secret, maybe it is something really good and new for us. :lol:

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