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New Divide - Music Video/Single/Soundtrack Info


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So finally the music video for New Divide will be premiering this week on the 12th June on MySpace and maybe some other places. From everything we saw so far it looks like this will be a kickass video. Can't wait for it


Also the CD single will be released this week in Europe. In Germany on the 19th, elsewhere maybe earlier.


The Score and Soundtrack will be released in Germany on the 19th and on the 23rd in the U.S.

They will also release a Special Edition CD/DVD of the Soundtrack. No details on the DVD content yet, but it might be the New Divide video and a Making Of. We'll see.


I know news a bit slow at the moment, so I tried to sum the release infos up as much as I could. So if you have any other updates about release dates or something else, post it.


We keep you updated.


MTV has a NEW making of the video on their website, which can be viewed*here*.


Facebook has exclusive footage of the Making of "New Divide". It can be viewed on the band's fan page here.

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Head over to the LP facebook page to see new behind the scenes footage for the video New Divide. The actual video will be released on June 12th.

Hell yeah. I hope it's available on iTunes that day so I can have it in HQ.

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it is a new thing of warner to bring out their artists singles as:





edition. The Premium editions have all some specials (TLTGY: sticker); billy talent: wristband etc.

the other one should be a normal single cd. I guess with acapella and etc.



and no it wont be avaible on iTunes on that date, because it already is ;) (itunes germany)

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there are some torrents available of the soundtrack.


its fake but have the same songs , really nice sound tracks green day and even hoobastank are there.


but i heared there will be many remixes , - THE FALLEN REMIX. for that u have to wait but u can get an idea from thsat.

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Oh man this is amazing, this week is the New Divide video, the 22nd I get out of school, the 23rd I get the Transformers Soundtrack, then the 25th I go see the movie with like 20 other people, and like two weeks later the new LP tour starts. THIS SUMMER OWNS!!!

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You can Download MTV Exclusive Making Of "New Divide" Music Video - HERE.


P.S. Please, give credit to LinkinParkCrimea.com if you gonna upload it somewhere else! I've done some work to give this to you guys.

Thank you very much!


I know it can be a bitch to rip from sites like MTVs.

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Havent watched it yet. Apparently i need an upgrade? 0_o haha

No, it's brand new LOL


I've downloaded it: New Divide Sneak Peek #3


BTW, they showed us a little bit of the video?


Posted Image


This scene remember me this part of the T2 trailer:


Posted Image


When others transformers go under the sea to rescure Megatron (not a spoiler, is in the movie trailer)




A Video under the sea?!

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