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  1. If someone interested, the video is up on LPCrimea Media Storage (direct link download from the server). P.S. Tomorrow there also will be available HDTVRips in 720p and 480p.
  2. Thanks, definitely valuable replenishment in the video collection.
  3. I bet new song that they'd play is No Roads Left or Blackout, definitely,
  4. Well, that definitely great. Thank you Biel. But you know, why not to share a full show, a good rip at least... Hate when you guys start teasing with what you've got. It's like this one Buenos Aires show: "Here's a sample of my complete recording in Full HD. Enjoy!" ... but won't share/trade it EVERRR. Just don't understand you guys. If every collector shared his collection there won't be a reason to hide stuff anymore... — utopia, yeah, I know. Sorry for plain dealing, just thoughts, no offense.
  5. Here is a clip of "Sqweegel" episode with WFTE in soundtrack
  6. But not all 21 can be actually viewed on Joe's blog page. 2 of them are hidden.
  7. Hey guys, I found 21 screenshot from "Waiting For The End" video in HQ. Watch here.

    MTV VMA's

    HDTV 1080i version direct link from LPCrimea server - link to page over here
  9. Hi guys. As you know Linkin Park performed "The Catalyst" live at MTV VMA 2010 on September 12. There is an HDTV rip in 1080i. You can download Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Live at MTV VMA 2010) HDTV 1080i on LPCrimea Media Storage (you can also find a 15 seconds sample there).
  10. help me out (doing an adaptive translation of the song): how do you think what does expressions "Static on the wind" and "Fire on the wind" (that "makes us all say WHOA!") means? What do you think word "wind" represents in each line?
  11. OK, thanks guys. Just misunderstood this expression (but got the idea ). So everybody agree that the last line in the last Chester's part is: ? And BTW, in the beginning of his part I hear "Still alone" not "Feel alone" both times.
  12. Guys, don't you think that this line: is contradictory? Maybe not "unload" but "are load"? Otherwise there is something wrong I think: There is nothing that they don't run (read: they run EVERYTHING) their guns unload? How you (gang for example) can run a town without a LOADED guns? What do you think?
  13. guys, check out my mixes http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=5351 1. 2.
  14. You know what's the worst part in this, that you (LPUHQ and LP) by setting up the prices this high dividing fans by their wealth not by their loyalty and support of the band... I don't see anything that can justify the $60 price for international fans. All this "opportunities" for the most of international LPUers limited to web site access and chats with the band. Now website access will be free and what we get for 60 bucks? Chats (3-4 in a year), presale and M&G (if you got lucky and LP came to your country and you can afford the tickets), compilation of tracks that most of us have on CDs and 1 new track? For $60 bucks? Seriously? We can't access US LPU parties, we can't participate in LPU referral program, we can't participate in any LPU contest and + there are some countries that not listed in Bandmerch => you can't buy any of LPU merchandise. [sarcasm] Definitely "brand new, EXCITING opportunities"! [/sarcasm] I will continue to support LP, I will continue to run my fan-site and therefore promote LP, but I don't see a sense in renewing LPU membership anymore. IF there TRULY going to be SOMETHING exciting and worth for spend $60, then you guys (LPUHQ and LP) should REVEAL IT along with the price, not in October...
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