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Grey Daze Wraps Up Album Project


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Posting on social media today, Grey Daze has confirmed that they have finished their long-awaited album project:


"What an incredible experience to work on & finish this album! It is something started 20+ yrs ago & restarted in 2016 prior to @ChesterBe passing. We're glad everyone involved had the strength to push through & complete the record. It was worth every struggle. Stay tuned!"


Taking multitracks from their past albums "Wake Me" and "No Sun Today", Grey Daze's Sean Dowdell and Mace Beyers, with the help of producer Sylvia Massy, have led a project over the last few years to completely reinterpret all of the songs, adding guests and re-recording songs. The project was kicked into extra gear following Chester's passing in July 2017, with the two recruiting friends from across the music industry to join them in the studio. Along the way, they were working on a lot of the project at NRG in Los Angeles, the iconic studio where Linkin Park recorded a substantial amount of their material throughout the years.


In 2018, Grey Daze gave fans a preview of "In Time" and "Hole".

Guests on the album include Ryan Shuck from Julien-K, Head and Munky from Korn, Jasen Rauch from Breaking Benjamin, Chris Traynor from Bush, Marcos from P.O.D., Lucas D'Angelo from Betraying The Martyrs, Esjay Jones, LP and more. Other special guests include Chester's son Jaime (recording with one of the microphones Chester used at NRG during Hybrid Theory) and Sean Dowdell's son Carston on drums.


The band has confirmed that the record will go to digital streaming, mentioning that there will be a Spotify channel for Grey Daze as well. While there is no confirmed album title yet, "New Sun Tomorrow" was thrown around last year as a possible title before the band decided to take suggestions from fans. 


Stay tuned for a release date and information soon!

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Eh... I will check it out when it drops. Never been a massive fan of Grey Daze stuff, although some was good. (My favorite stuff Chester did outside of LP were DBS and Kings Of Chaos).

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Not a fan of the excessive collaborations, mostly the vocal ones, it sounds like a mix of too many things.
I'd have preferred just a good remastering of the album and having them on digital.
But, of course, I'll judge when I'll hear the full project, I'm curious anyway.

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50 minutes ago, MetalNacional said:

Never really liked Grey Daze, but now after listening the new versions and coming back to the originals Im kinda enjoying it.


By the way where can I download all the stuff linked here?



Check the LPLive Archive in the main page theres a grey daze section

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