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2018.08.07 - Kowloon City, HK


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It's time, ladies and gentlemen. After months of campaigning, promo shows, music releases, and more, it's our time to shine. Mike Shinoda is officially kicking off the first leg of the Post Traumatic Tour on August 7 in Kowloon City, Hong Kong at Star Hall, the first solo headlining show of the tour as well as the first show of the Post Traumatic Asian Tour.


First, the backstory: it's been quite awhile since Mike was last in Hong Kong. The last time he was there was when Linkin Park performed there at the end of their Living Things World Tour in 2013, performing in Chek Lap Kok as well as holding the 9th LPU Summit there, performing a soundcheck of 'Victimized' (with 'QWERTY'), 'The Catalyst' with an outro jam, and the intro of 'In The End.' This was the fourth time the band had performed there, the first being back in 2004 on the Meteora International Tour, where they performed an eclectic setlist including a cover of Nine Inch Nails' 'Wish' and an unconfirmed performance of 'P5hng Me A*wy.' They returned three years later at the end of 2007, during the Minutes To Midnight Asian Tour, where the band performed a strong setlist, including an epic encore that opened with 'One Step Closer' and closed with 'Bleed It Out.' Hong Kong was the first stop on the A Thousand Suns Asian Tour in 2011, the final leg of the tour. That set was strong as well, featuring an epic encore that featured 'When They Come For Me,' 'Papercut,' and 'Crawling,' amongst others. It's been almost 5 years since Mike was last in Hong Kong, so the fans have definitely been waiting for a comeback - hopefully that anticipation translates to energy at the show!


Watch the band perform 'The Catalyst' at the 9th LPU Summit in Hong Kong in 2013. Cool outro jam at the end of the track that's never been done since.



This show is definitely going to be a big one, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it's the start of the actual tour. The promo run is over, and now the big guns are coming out. According to an livestream Mike did on the JOOX app exclusively for fans in Hong Kong and Thailand, this show marks the start of "phase two" of the Post Traumatic promotion, "phase one" being the release of music and the first promo shows. What we can expect: upgraded production from what we've seen with the promo shows he's done over the last few months, perhaps live debuts of new songs from Post Traumatic that haven't been played yet, and new band members onstage!


That's right. In case you missed it, Mike will be joined by two musicians onstage: Dan Mayo and Matthias Harris. Dan Mayo is going to be performing on the drums, adding a new live element to the shows percussion ('Hold It Together' is a song that could really benefit from having live drums), likely both electronic and acoustic. Mayo has been touring with his band TATRAN for the last few months, so he'll definitely be able to deliver confidently live, too; and he's pretty damn good! On keyboards, guitars, and backing vocals is Matthias Harris. While not as active as Mayo is, Harris definitely has shown his chops before. He released an EP of acapella covers a few years back, and has done a series of one-man band covers on his YouTube channel. It'll definitely be exciting to see what these guys will add to the sound of the show! Phoenix recently added in guitar for 'Running From My Shadow' at Mike's recent show at LoveLoud, and it sounded great - hopefully that'll be the norm from now on!


Watch Mike perform 'Running From My Shadow' with Phoenix at the LoveLoud festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. Live guitar is a great addition to the song - hopefully it's something we'll see added as a norm now!


Setlist-wise, it'll be interesting to see if Mike's changed much up! The setlist has been pretty static with various additions throughout the cycle, ever since he debuted the full set at Identity LA. Lots of great songs have been included in the set, some being performed for the first time, like 'Sorry For Now' and the studio version of 'Kenji.' More songs were slowly added in; the initial set featured all the songs from the Post Traumatic EP ('Place To Start,' 'Over Again,' and 'Watching As I Fall') as well as 'Crossing A Line' and 'About You.' Eventually, 'Ghosts,' 'Running From My Shadow,' and 'Make It Up As I Go' were added in as well. Mike even decided to perform 'I.O.U.' for the first time last minute during his album release show at in New York City - which has been the only full solo show thus far. The only pre-release song not performed yet is 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore.'


Along with 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore,' perhaps we'll see the live debuts of several more songs. It'll be impossible to tell how much the set has changed until we see it executed live, but we can sure guess. Mike released videos for 'Promises I Can't Keep' and 'Brooding,' which would be welcome additions to the set. 'Hold It Together' would be a great addition now that we have live drums, as well. That leaves 'Lift Off,' 'World's On Fire,' and 'Can't Hear You Now' as well that have yet to be performed: a total of seven songs from Post Traumatic yet to be performed. 'Lift Off' may be performed in some form - Mike's playing with the Deftones later this year in November for their Dia de Los Deftones festival, so it'd be a no-brainer to perform that with Chino Moreno there. 'Brooding' could fit in as an opening song, either for the show or encore with that cool new music video as a backdrop. The other tracks could fit in anywhere else, really; perhaps we'll see them, maybe we won't. There is, of course, a load of Linkin Park and Fort Minor songs we'd also love to see Mike perform live, but... we think he should prioritize the Post Traumatic songs before he delivers more Linkin Park and Fort Minor tracks. It is the Post Traumatic tour, after all! But hey, if we see 'Cigarettes' or 'High Voltage' (or a rotating verse spot) in the set, we won't be complaining.


'I.O.U.' was the latest song from Post Traumatic to be debuted live. Mike added it into the set last minute - what song from the album do you want to see performed live?


This show will only be the start of what is expected to be a huge tour around the world. The Asian tour alone will cover pretty much the rest of August, Mike heading to Thailand after this show before performing the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival in South Korea and making other stops in China, Japan, and Singapore over the next few weeks. Right after the Singapore show, Mike flies to Europe for another handful of shows which include festivals in France, England, and Italy and some headlining shows in Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Austria. A U.S. Tour is expected to be coming soon, too, likely in the fall (around the same time the Dia de Los Deftones festival is). After that, Mike'll probably take a bit off before resuming the tour next year. Still a handful of places to go - he wants to go to Australia, and it certainly wouldn't be too weird to see another European Tour next year too.


Is anyone going to the show? We'll keep you all updated on the setlist and anything cool that happens at the show, so be sure to follow us on social media! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world!

Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.
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So did Mike actually state in a interview that he wanted to tour Australia? Because from listening to the latest Member Guest podcast he didn't sound very impressed with the whole bot voting situation. He probably thinks we're a bunch of dishonest losers not that I blame him.

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I'm excited to see how many tickets they actually sold for the kick off. The venue accomodates audiences of up to 3600 people, but it is not sold out. Hopefully it is going to be a great atmosphere for his first PT show.


Also excited for the setlist, maybe we'll see some crazy surprises... like no roads left :) :)

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Okay, thanks a lot! I'm excited to see a setlist, that's why I'm asking. :D I'm hoping for some live debuts, maybe Promises I Can't Keep or Hold It Together.

Sadly we didn't. Maybe first on the European leg?


Tbh I had hoped to see some changes (WFTE/WYD, Good goodbye/BIO) and some debuts. Hopefully we will see that soon :)

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For those of you who wanna see some recordings:






Quality is actually pretty decent.


Mike's speech before In The End was pretty nice, let's see if he's gonna repeat it the whole tour. Crowd was stunning, especially on Good Goodbye when they sang Chester's part right before the transition to Bleed It Out.

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