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  1. Apart from the wrong speculations that were made up here in the forum, I think it was a pretty good broadcasting. I think the song selection was good given the fact that this radio station is one of the largest in Germany, with over one million listeners per hour. So, obviously the played the most famous songs of the band instead of some fan favs. Interaction with the fans was great and LPLive even got a shoutout
  2. Do we now know if playback was used in the show back then or is there still only speculation? Otherwise I'd ask Mike on Twitch.. maybe he still remembers this show
  3. As far as I know, LP always used Sennheiser microphones. I've seen Chester & Mike using this mic a lot. And since Talinda said that they have the mic at home which Chester used for almost 9 years, I am pretty sure that he always used this Sennheiser mic on stage. But I have no clue about models, sorry.
  4. Maybe it's gonna be a bonus track for their next album
  5. Mike was asked in an interview (can't remember which one) if there will be some Fort Minor shows after the OML tour. And he answered: "Yeah. Maybe". That's all I know. And I guess it would have been quite normal for the band to take some rest after an album and a tour while Mike can't take a break and is doing FM or other stuff. Maybe Chester planned the same for the time before LP starts working on an eight album.
  6. There were a lot of shows during his PT tour where you truly saw that he was in a really dark place when he played LP songs. Especially in Cologne you can really see him holding back tears while talking about Chester. Non of us know how many songs he wrote about Chester. Just because he didn't release one, it doesn't mean he didn't write some. Crazy that some people want to tell him to grief in a specific way. After all he did for us. Imagine how the fans would feel if we would have heard as much from Mike as we have from Rob since 7/20. Mike is keeping everything alive - for him and for us - and we should be grateful af for that instead of hating him for every little detail. His music, tours and social media activity saved our all ass here
  7. who is the third? The fact that Alyssa Morse instantly wrote on Twitter "lol false news" just when Tobi wrote some lyrics and "someday the truth will come out" shows that there is some stuff going on behind the scenes. And by that, I mean probably between Talinda and Tobi/Susan/Sam. Just by seeing this first tweet, Alyssa could not have known what Tobi was going to add later, but she wrote "false news" even though there were no news yet. That shows (at least for me) that there are some real shitty talks going on behind the scenes. So Tobi maybe even threatened Talinda to say some stuff what would explain why Alyssa knew what Tobi was going to add later. Most plausible is maybe that they are still fighting for Chesters money and music rights. But the fact that Anna and Talinda are almost best friends and hang out together (including Mike) a lot in the last years is like a 100% reason to disbelieve what Tobi is saying. Also there are dozens of pics showing Dave, Chester and Mike doing tourist stuff together. I guess it is de facto not even possible to not like someone who is around you 250 days a year all day lol. And they also claimed that they are even hanging out when there is no tour, which is not obvious when you have a bunch of kids. Anyway, completely BS what Tobi did. That caused a lot of pain to some fans. Hopefully she is not getting back on Twitter. She'd be better off working on her own mental health.
  8. Has anyone been to the M&G and can tell who managed the whole stuff Lorenzo used to do?
  9. Looks like after my fav song PICK now my second fav song Ghosts is going out Running from my shadow
  10. It's absolutely amazing to see that people just don't lose interest in the band during over a decade now. It is so great to know that we people like Hahninator here who were active in 2006 and now, 12 years later, they still post threads every day. The worst thing that can happen to a band is probably that the leadsinger dies... and that's just what happend to us. Though, we are still here and we cheer with the same passion for old LP music and new MS music day by day by day.. this is simply amazing. And I am sure I can write exact this passage again when LPLive turns 20 Thank you so much for existing and for letting me know every day that LP is a family and not only a bunch of people who like the music from a random band.
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