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2018.06.21 - Brooklyn, NY (Today At Apple)


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After an amazing first solo headlining show yesterday at New York City's Gramercy Theater, Mike is wrapping up his short promo tour in the city today in Brooklyn, at a special event at Apple Williamsburg called Today At Apple.


Today At Apple is more than just a performance - it's an entire event. Journalist Rob Markman will be speaking with Mike about several things tonight before his performance; as the event description says, "He’ll join music journalist Rob Markman in conversation about the loss of his bandmate and his journey to his current solo career. We’ll celebrate the release of his first solo album, Post Traumatic, with a performance and video by Shinoda." So expect some inside looks on the album, Mike's headspace, and a unique performance!



Last night's show at the Gramercy was nothing short of epic. Watch this epic highlight from the show: 'Sorry For Now' featuring a new extended bridge that sees Mike rapping the song's original demo verse!


As far as what he'll play, we're again uncertain. We expected a short set at the Amoeba Music performance, but that ended up being a fairly long show! Perhaps we can expect a shortened set like that, or a small "showcase" set like he played at the KROQ HD Radio Sound Space which consisted of Linkin Park hits like 'Castle Of Glass' and 'Waiting For The End' (mashup up with Fort Minor's 'Where'd You Go') and his own new tracks including 'Ghosts' and 'Running From My Shadow.' We'll have to see!


Mike heads home to Los Angeles for a week before returning to the east coast for one more promo show in Camden, New Jersey at Radio 104.5's 11th Birthday Show! He'll take most of July off before starting up again at the end of the month in preparation for his upcoming Asian and European Tours happening in the latter half of the summer and start of the fall.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world!


Check out the rest of Mike's touring schedule here.

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you have gotta be kidding it's a hobby we're living


we were properly spitting to some wobbly rhythm


popping off in the kitchen at parties properly hidden


i was probably nervous but still i gotta forget him


jacket possibly referencing some army division


and camouflage-like images all my idols within them


trying to avoid kids my mom strongly forbidden


so i was probably skipping out doing robbery with them


good kid and lived in the bubble and barely knew it


probably couldn't recognize trouble to get into it


trying to find like-minded rhymers to make a crew with


but nobody liked the same type of music i'm used to it


thing is new* opportunities i didn't know what to do with


sitting there on a sofa with smokers gamers* and users*


knowing i'm not stupid but too unsteady to prove it


maybe i'm running to it but maybe i'm running through it

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Crossing A Line

Running From My Shadow (shocked, thought it would be Ghosts)

Castle Of Glass


Ill review the event when I get home tomorrow. Had a good time and Im not bummed about missing Fallon anymore. Intimate performance, I mean maybe 4 feet away from Mike max. Really cool.

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Here's the rundown of the event.


Upon arriving at the Apple Store, I see that Lorenzo really hooked the LPU up and gave them actual row 1-3 seats at this event... pretty sweet. Everyone else stood just behind them but I mean even then, you are like 5-7 feet from Mike max. It was super intimate, maybe around 100 people max.


The video portion of the event... Rob Markman said Apple was going to show us "exclusive new music videos" so I thought, "wow Mike already has a few new ones done, this is going to be cool" but it was just Crossing A Line and Ghosts lol. The interview was alright, it wasn't GREAT but it wasn't bad. Mike went more in depth on Place To Start, Over Again, Make It Up As I Go, and IOU. He got in depth with lyrics and the stories behind those songs, more than he has in interviews lately. It's worth a listen so I hope Apple posts it soon. The questions from the LPU were not great picks by Rob, he just asked what Mike's favorite song on the album was and the other one was which one was hardest to make (I guess that one is ok). I was hoping for a little more detailed stuff.


The first song of the performance was Crossing A Line. The crowd was super loud for only 100 people but I guess that's no surprise in NYC as the show at Gramercy was insanity. Then Mike asked how many songs he could still perform due to the time and they told him ONE. He was asap like "oh no I'm at least playing two more" lol. RFMS was a surprise to see as I thought he'd play Ghosts next. He was rapping it literally like in peoples faces and he went into the "crowd" for the first part to get people to sing. And after the bridge he basically jumped over the three rows of seats, went to the standing crowd, and everyone swarmed him to do the last part of the song.


He performed Castle of Glass last and made a joke about "inciting a riot in an Apple Store" lmao. After Castle he walked to the front of the seats (literally like 2 steps) and told everyone to come in for a group hug, which of course made the place explode and he took pics/signed stuff for people. That continued until they had to usher him out the back door to get to The Today Show, they literally walked out and drove off ASAP due to how much stuff he had booked for the day.


Cool to see him constantly interacting with fans at every single performance. I'm glad to have gone to this because I was kind of bummed I didn't get to see Fallon live in person at the Rockefeller Center, but this made up for it just for the fact that I'll never be this close to an actual performance again.

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Cool to see him constantly interacting with fans at every single performance. I'm glad to have gone to this because I was kind of bummed I didn't get to see Fallon live in person at the Rockefeller Center, but this made up for it just for the fact that I'll never be this close to an actual performance again.

Never say never bro. Had you said that after last years subway show you woulda been wrong :)

Plus you had an amazing week to boot

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I loved the part about Make It Up As I Go. Mike said K.Flay's vocals for the chorus were recorded back in the OML recording sessions but Mike didn't like the song at that point and he knew they'd have to put it on the backburner; it wouldn't be ready in time for the album, etc. Mike said he basically re-did the beat, etc. about 6 months ago. It does sound like OML kind of though. They worked on so many styles for OML. Just like that A Perfect Circle track, Eat The Elephant, that Chester did with Billy.

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Yeah he basically says the album deadline is why Make It Up As I Go wasn't on One More Light. Just not enough time to develop it. He had to rewrite the rest of the song quite a few times to get it right (everything but the chorus).


The funniest part of all of this is his talk he gave about timing. He gave this speech about writing all the time when he's doing this NYC trip and the mgmt team has to literally force him to come down to the lobby to leave. He always says "5 more minutes", then they joke he's writing the new hit so they try to give him the time to wrap up, etc. The joke was "it'd be funny if someday I missed a flight because of it."


BAM he misses his Toronto flight THAT NIGHT LOL, literally just a few hours later. Hilarious.

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