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    LP: 2014.11.14. Wien, Austria, Wiener Stadthalle (Halle D) [+M&G] 2017.06.27. Sopron, Hungary, Lővér Kemping (Telekom VOLT Festival) MS: 2018.09.07. Wien, Austria, Arena Wien Open Air 2019.03.12. Budapest, Hungary, Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

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  1. They have the same ID at the German (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B089HHZ1W2/) and UK (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B089HHZ1W2) site, so it should be the same set.
  2. Sure, but the result won't be the same in quality (as it is re-encoded with a lossy codec): MP3 version
  3. Ripped it, you can download it from here. Untouched audio, with tags, playlist and pics from Mike's Instagram
  4. Cigarettes is listed twice on the show page.
  5. There is a recording of the full Interview on Youtube here.
  6. PhoenixSzG

    Time Capsule

    Any news when will it be available in the official store? Unfortunately, I missed the indiegogo campaign.
  7. Was a great show, the crowd was awesome as well. The band seemed impressed too, as you can see on BIO Btw, there were 45K people at the show.
  8. Speaking of M&Gs, is there any chance to get near the stage after a M&G at a festival? If not, I'd rather not enter so I can get a front row place instead.
  9. Debuted #1 in Hungary. Previous albums: DEBUT PEAK WEEKS ALBUM 22 4 27 Hybrid Theory (platinum) 30 14 15 Reanimation 5 2 33 Meteora (gold) 1 1 20 Minutes To Midnight (gold) 15 3 4 A Thousand Suns 1 1 8 Living Things 20 6 5 Recharged 1 1 25 The Hunting Party (platinum)
  10. Where did you listened to it? I'd love to hear too that song!
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