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2017.05.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Linkin Park's next show back in the United States to promote One More Light comes in Los Angeles, CA where they will perform at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Overall, this is their fifth time making an appearance on the show, but just the third time on the outdoor Jimmy Kimmel Live stage.


In 2003, the band played Kimmel for the first time with Faint and Numb being aired on television, before they launched into an explosive set of Don't Stay, Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Crawling, In The End, and One Step Closer. In May 2014, we obtained a VHS tape of five of those six songs and released it online.



The second appearance on the outdoor stage was in 2012, when Burn It Down and Lies Greed Misery were filmed for TV. In addition, the band also played Faint, New Divide, Numb, and What I've Done for fans. In a bit of a twist, there were two TV airings, so Burn It Down was paired with Faint for the first one and in the second one the next day, Lies Greed Misery was paired with New Divide.



The typical routine for Jimmy Kimmel Live performance is that the band performs the first two songs for television, takes a break, and then performs four to six more for the crowd.


The other two Kimmel performances came at special events. In 2007, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired What I've Done and Bleed It Out from an intimate Linkin Park club show at the Hollywood House of Blues. After those two songs, the band played a full twelve song set afterward.


And in 2014, LP was scheduled to play the show but it was canceled due to production issues and instead, three songs were recorded after their iHeartRadio Theater show to air on JKL. These three songs were Until It's Gone, Wastelands, and Guilty All The Same. Wastelands and Until It's Gone were performed twice at the same venue that day, even though they were for different events, which is extraordinarily rare for Linkin Park to do outside of a rehearsal/soundcheck.


Finally, on our rare "Guesting" page, you'll see that Mike and Chester joined Steve Aoki in November 2013 to play A Light That Never Comes for Jimmy Kimmel Live.


So for this show, what will we see? Heavy for sure, and Invisible is the second single so it's likely those two will be the ones shot for television. For the other songs, we're likely to see a mix of classic singles and maybe even another song from One More Light like Talking To Myself. Jimmy Kimmel usually uploads a few songs to YouTube the day after the performance and we'll also see an airing of at least two songs on ABC.


The day after the show, Linkin Park heads to Vegas to play CBS's SPF show for the release show for One More Light. This will be a full headlining performance. For the 2017 touring schedule, visit the 2017 page.



01. One More Light
02. Heavy
03. Talking to Myself
04. Battle Symphony
05. Invisible
06. Good Goodbye
07. Numb
08. In The End (not on setlist)
One More Light:
Rest of set: (streamed live to Kimmel Facebook page)
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