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Linkin Park headlining Poland's Impact Festival


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Following very successful shows in Wrocław (2014) and Rybnik (2015), Linkin Park will return to Poland for the third time in four straight European tours.

Linkin Park has announced, "On June 15th, 2017 we are returning to Poland and headlining Impact Festival 2017 at the Tauron Arena in Kraków."


This is the sixth announced show of the tour so far, following NovaRock, Download Paris, Hurricane, Southside, and Telekom VOLT Festival. It will be their first show in Kraków!

Stay tuned for more show announcements soon as Linkin Park's European Tour starts shaping up for summer 2017.

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So we can say LP will play at NovaRock on 14th or 17th of June because SOAD will play on 16th


Til now:

2017.06.09 or 11 Download Paris

2017.06.13 ?????

2017.06.15 Impact Festival

2017.06.17 NovaRock

2017.06.19 ?????

2017.06.21 ?????

2017.06.23 Hurricane

2017.06.25 Southside

2017.06.27 Volt Festival


And Mike talked about FM shows and I believe that he will do one in Hamburg before or after the Hurricane Festival and maybe one in Paris as well

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I think that they will announce at least other 5 or 6 dates. Maybe another one in France, one in Netherlands, one in Italy and then something like Switzerland or England or Russia. I don't know.
​An italian show could be right after France or Austria.
​We are all waiting in Italy :)

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Why are they using Jornada del muerto though?


Lol they always use random songs in videos. They used Heartburn (2007 Demo) from LPU XIV in the last studio update video. I don't think it means anything. But I do think the new album will be very experimental at times, like both of those tracks kind of are, and poppy in some ways, too.

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I wish I could be there, for the first time LP will be performing nearby where I live in Poland, but the show is happening while I'm still at school, and during that time I'm in Norway :( I hope I can somehow make it though.


Does any of you know how much does a ticket for these kind of shows cost? or how expensive is going to that kind of festival in Poland?

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