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"Like Riding A Bike": Hot Karl and Mike Shinoda


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Mike has joined up with Jensen Karp, a friend/artist of his from Los Angeles, for a new track on Jensen's latest podcast "Get Up On This." Mike produced the song with his own beat and lays a verse down. The full song will be available on June 7th and goes by the name "Like Riding A Bike", by Hot Karl (Jensen's rap name) and Mike. This is the same new track we heard via Snapchat recently.


Check the song out at the 1:00:45 mark here:




Lyrics via LPA:

"Damn, Daniel, like the founder of Spotify

Streamin' freemium heat / your wounds'll get cauterised
Right in front of every fickle fan that you're followed by
Like blackhat hackers, you'll be lookin' for compromise
Your man's laughin' while we're watchin' you backpedal
The crowd's cringin' / you can't win / your attack's mellow
I'm half-hopin' you'll still rap when the laughs settle
Bodied by a singer from a band that did rap-metal?
Shit / I digress / where to start?
('Cause) whether I'm the biggest or I barely chart
Count wins on the tracks and the mic and art
I'm a legend in three games like I'm Jensen Karp
So irreverent / I tip-toe up
And whisper that you're more irrelevant than "Real World" Puck
Have you up at night, countin' all the reasons I suck
And I would love to hear about it but I ran out of fucks"



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Hot KarP))))))))

No, it IS "Hot Karl." Jensen Karp = Hot Karl.


People need to do 30 seconds of research before making posts and/or editing thread titles.

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