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Setlists, Songs, and Singles


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As The Hunting Party era is slowly coming to an end, it's time to start looking towards the band's future: and, since we're LPLive, we're talking setlists.


Up until Living Things, Linkin Park had performed basically every song on their four prior studio albums (barring 'Robot Boy', which wasn't performed live until the Hunting Party Tour). Starting with Living Things, however, the band stopped putting in all of the effort to perform most of the new songs. From Living Things, an album that Mike even claimed was recorded with the idea of performing it live in mind (sound familiar, like The Hunting Party?), only seven and a half of its songs were performed live, not including songs that even sound like they would be great live: namely 'I'll Be Gone', 'Roads Untraveled', and 'Powerless'. So far, from The Hunting Party, only six and a half songs have been performed live - most of which did not survive the entire cycle, from an album also meant to be performed live!


Let's start by talking about Living Things. With the tracks later on the album, it's somewhat understandable why they were not performed live, referring to 'Skin To Bone and 'Until It Breaks'. Talking about 'Skin To Bone', Mike said the following, "Some songs weren't made to be played live, we might play them somehow but we have other songs in mind, those songs are made of samples and keys, if the band was made of 6 Shinodas we could play them." Fair enough, maybe Fort Minor could tackle it now. He did with 'Until It Breaks'!



But with songs like 'I'll Be Gone' and 'Roads Untraveled', it's harder to find an excuse. In an LPU Chat in December 2012, Chester even claimed the band would rehearse 'I'll Be Gone' soon. Nothing was ever said about 'Roads Untraveled', but 'Powerless' was even performed - albeit, mimicked - for a music video shoot in Berlin. Something interesting to note about this song is that Mike recorded all of the guitar parts in it - and for most of the album. In the music video, there are almost no shots of Brad. That's because he never seemed to learn the part. Anyway, 'Powerless' never received its live debut, although its intro 'Tinfoil' opened a significant amount of shows (and encores) on the touring cycle in 2012-2013.


Does it have to do with Brad? He appears to be bored with some of the older songs in the set (some Hybrid Theory songs) but loves songs where he's off of the guitar like 'Lies Greed Misery' or even parts of 'Castle Of Glass' (Experience Version), 'The Catalyst', and 'Waiting For The End'. This all goes back to the A Thousand Suns era where he said he was getting bored of playing guitar and shifted to playing other instruments as well as taking on more of a "producer" role in the albums. While this may all be true, we cannot place ALL of the blame on Brad. When it comes to performing new songs live, there has to be a general consensus amongst the band to settle on what gets performed. Perhaps it's less Brad as an individual, but rather, the whole mentality going forward that he has. He might not be the only member of the band who thinks that way!


Songs from Living Things performed live:

Next, the current era, the tour in support of The Hunting Party, didn't see much change of pace either.


The five singles from the album were performed ('Guilty All The Same', 'Wastelands', Until It's Gone', 'Rebellion', and 'Final Masquerade'), and one non-single has been performed after a full year of the tour ('A Line In The Sand'). A pretty solid selection of songs, all things considered... but only half of the album. We're missing some powerful tracks like 'Keys To The Kingdom', 'All For Nothing', 'War, and 'Mark The Graves'. Barring the two interludes (even then, 'The Summoning' appeared in Mashup Intro #2) , those are what we're missing. That's just about the same as what we're missing from Living Things.


Apparently, the album was already run through by the band in full. In the pre-show interview at Rock am Ring 2014, Mike claimed that pretty much the entire album had been rehearsed and he was really looking forward to playing it live. Interestingly, in November 2014, Mike had claimed he was knew the fans wanted to hear both 'Keys To The Kingdom' and 'A Line In The Sand' live, the latter of which we know has already come. 'Keys To The Kingdom', on the other hand... there may be a glimmer of hope there. We'll get into that later. According to numerous LPTV's, it took quite some time to get 'A Line In The Sand' down. The band appears to have to take longer and longer to rehearse songs - it took a week or more for 'Castle Of Glass' to be rehearsed back in 2012. Is this another factor in why the band doesn't play more songs?



On the subject of 'Keys To The Kingdom', there may still be hope for the song being performed live. On this document that shows songs the band sent to get approved for their upcoming China tour, you can see the song in the 25th position. This means the band has at least considered performing it. Maybe they seriously rehearsed it! The band submitted this document around January, all things considered (taking into account 'Darker Than Blood', 'A Place For My Head', and 'From The Inside' are there). We know the band at least TRIED to rehearse a new song for The Hunting Party North American Tour earlier in the year but opted for 'From The Inside' and 'A Place For My Head' instead. Maybe they attempted one of the two songs (the other being 'A Line In The Sand') at that point, and didn't feel comfortable enough to play them yet. 'A Line In The Sand' eventually came to the light...maybe 'Keys To The Kingdom' will too.


Another issue that lies here is that a lot of the songs performed on the tour did not survive. 'Guilty All The Same' and 'Until It's Gone', the first two singles of the album, are now history. 'Until It's Gone' even received an amazing new intro with parts of 'No More Sorrow' and 'New Divide' in it, but it got dropped after the European Tour only to be SHORTENED on the Carnivores Tour!


'Rebellion' and 'Final Masquerade' are performed on and off depending on the setlist, leaving 'Wastelands' as the only consistent song. 'A Line In The Sand' has only been performed seven times thus far, so we'll leave that out for now. If the band does debut new songs, how long can we expect them to last? Will 'A Line In The Sand' even make it to 2016? And the songs that replaced them in the setlists are older songs, fan favorites. While not necessarily a bad thing, this brings us to the next (and final) point.


Songs from The Hunting Party performed live:

And finally, a main complaint in recent setlists is that the main portion of the set is singles. Mike has said before that older, rarer songs would have to "beat out" the singles for a spot in the sets, and he also feels obligated to play the singles at the shows for the casual fans. It's reasonable to understand that the band wants to perform as many singles as they can to appeal the main demographic of the crowd (the casual fans), but is it effective?


Since the Living Things era, a bunch of Hybrid Theory songs such as 'Points Of Authority', 'With You', and 'Runaway' have also been taking up setlist spots - is that necessary, too? Sure, many of us may love these songs, but let's balance the possibilities here: old songs the band has played countless times before, or new songs that if not played now, we'll never see in the future? Maybe new songs won't translate too well live, look back at what Mike said about 'Skin To Bone'. Lot's of people don't think 'Keys To The Kingdom' will be the best live, either. What should the band do?


Let's look at what Linkin Park doing now. A LOT of Linkin Park's live show depends on many parts working together. In fact, all of Brad's guitar sounds and the backing tracks to the songs are triggered by running a single ProTools session. Heck, Mike and Joe are the only two people onstage during his solo medley! Maybe songs like 'Skin To Bone' aren't such a stretch live. Mike can perform 'Until It Breaks' and even a 'Castle To Glass' and 'Kenji' mashup entirely on his own, running a backing track from his computer. The songs from The Hunting Party can't necessarily be executed in the same fashion, but more electronic-and layer-based tracks can be solved this way. Is it worth the hassle, though?


By eliminating the multitude of singles and heavy residence of Hybrid Theory songs, LP could at least make space for new songs, or at least older, lesser played tracks. The band really has seven singles they're almost obligated to play live (in their eyes, and this is just an observation), those being 'One Step Closer', 'In The End', 'Numb', 'What I've Done', 'Bleed It Out', 'New Divide', and 'Burn It Down'. Even then, it's a subjective idea. They seemed to take steps toward this in 2013: at their headline show in Melbourne, the band performed 'A Place For My Head' instead of 'In The End', after giving the crowd a choice between the two. 'In The End' clearly won, but the band went with 'A Place For My Head'. Maybe even THEY don't want to be playing some of these songs! Mike in 2014 said Linkin Park feels obligated in playing certain "radio" singles live that they necessarily don't want to always perform, which almost certainly was a reference to 'Burn It Down'. Realistically, the band isn't being held to anything - they can drop or add anything they want. But having songs like 'Breaking The Habit', 'Crawling', and 'Faint' for so long in the setlists MIGHT be taking its toll if fans want to see newer songs played.


We already have seen 'Breaking The Habit', 'Crawling', and more take breaks from the shows. 'One Step Closer' even was dropped for two shows in a row in Europe in 2011. Linkin Park will drop SOME singles from the shows, but the seven listed above seem to be staples that they'll continually keep around for as long as possible.



What are your thoughts? Why do you think the band doesn't perform new songs? Do you think the band should drop more singles for new songs? Perhaps you even think the opposite - why should the band drop songs people are there for, for songs that people won't know? You guys are in charge of the discussion! We aren't CRITICIZING what they're playing, we love 'Points Of Authority', 'Rebellion', and most of the songs in the shows, we just wanted to have a discussion about: (1.) "why newer songs aren't being debuted live as frequently as they used to be", and (2.) "will singles become the main staple of the setlist in the future?"


Linkin Park's The Hunting Party Chinese Tour starts this Friday, July 17. For updates, be sure to check back on the forums and follow us on Twitter!

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I get the feeling the band takes a lot of feedback from crowd reaction. For example, on the LT tour, the newer songs got a pretty good reaction. LITE, BID, LGM, COG, and Victimized definitely seemed to get the crowd pumped up. The cycle for THP, however, has had the opposite effect. The crowd just doesn't know any of the newer songs, at least in the US, which probably plays a role in why they were dropped. Guilty was an anticlimactic opener solely because the crowd didn't get into it all that much. The hardcore fans loved it, but that's really it. That was the case for pretty much all the songs from THP that they tried to play. Wastelands and Final Masquerade get the best reactions, from what I've seen, and that's why they're still around. So, the band probably has the mentality of "Why bother learning these new songs when they'll blow up for Numb or Faint?", and rightfully so. The remaining songs from THP would be somewhat difficult to pull off live, especially when compared to the simpler shit from the early albums. I mean, we complain about the Ballad Medley on here all the time, but the crowd fucking loves it. Why would they drop that when they know 90% of the people who go to shows love it for Mark The Graves, a song that I guarantee you only 5% of the crowd would get excited for? Is there a better balance they could find? Absolutely. Hell, I'm the self-proclaimed "Setlist Master", and I've found tons of ways to improve the set by maintaining shit the crowd loves and incorporating new shit. But, I don't think the band wants to put that effort in anymore.


There's also Chester's voice to consider, especially since 3/4 of the remaining THP songs they didn't play would be really hard on him. I'm pretty sure his voice is the reason stuff like Robot Boy and Joe's Solo, both of which get little reaction, are still being played. They give Chester a break. I'm also sure Brad not wanting to learn the songs plays a role, since all four of the remaining THP songs are actually relatively difficult on guitar by LP standards.


I'm sure singles will be the staples of the setlist. I wouldn't be surprised if, starting with LP7, the band played only the singles from the album. Hell, they pretty much did that with THP. ALITS was, technically, the only non-single to be played, since Wastelands was a promotional single.

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It is always something that I never understood, they really need to let go of a lot of the singles and play the new songs. Lets look at it this way. They have 5 studio albums before THP. They could play two songs from each and be able to play a solid 8 from the hunting party, they could still have room for a little recharged/reanimation/solos ? They can play as much singles as they want for the festivals but for THE HUNTING PARTY tour they should really play as much of THP as possible. If I was to pick to setlist for them I would without a doubt have each song from THP on it.

In my opinion the hunting party is their best album, whether it is in their opinion their best or worst it is still a brilliant album and it isn't getting the live attention it deserves. I feel like they are far from ready to move on from the hunting party. Not only with the (IMO) poor setlists but I think that they haven't given it a solid world tour it deserves.
By the looks of it THP tour is consisting of:
-A solid USA tour (carnivores)
-A cancelled USA tour
-A few Latin American dates
-A china tour
-3 short poor runs through Europe.

All three European "tours" have mostly consisted of festivals or german shows with very few countries being visited for their own shows.
In my opinion this is what THP tour should have been planned for from the start :
-Two solid European legs
-Solid North American tour
-Solid Latin American tour
-Solid Asian tour, with a few chinease dates thrown in
-Then also few festivals with a visit to "odd" places like Australia, Middle East and South Africa.

Either way LP need to fire their existing planners.

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only seven and a half of its songs were performed live, not including songs that even sound like they would be great live: namely 'I'll Be Gone', 'Roads Untraveled', and 'Powerless'. So far, from The Hunting Party, only six and a half songs have been performed live - most of which did not survive the entire cycle, from an album also meant to be performed live!

Just a small mistake in your post ;)

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I can just copy/paste my response from the lpa thread 1:1

"Very spot on and kinda ironic, they name their current tour "The Hunting Party Tour" but only can/will, (due to your named various reasons) play only three songs from it.
Why even bother, just name it "The-People-only-know-us-of-these-songs tour". I was already kinda annoyed when they shortened all the songs just to create the illusion of playing a longer set list, but now with taking out GATS, Rebellion and UIG I can only small_subtle_facepalm.png to that."

To SasstielExperience post, on why the crowd get's less of an reaction on THP songs, is quiet obviously the less exposere due to the less "commercialisation" of the Album (probably). F.e no/not much radio plays, no Music Video (beside that crappy GATS xbox thing) no THP making of.


Also, it's seems like each tour cycle they scale back even further on how they do a live show and make fans enticed to buy and see the show.

Sure some might be unnecessary picky but, that's what I've seen:

-Less talk with the audience between songs, feels like they run down the setlist like a workout program

-Multiple Setlists with varied songs, which leads to

-no interess in DSP's and then

-cutting the whole dsp program

-Creating new intros/variation to songs

-Shortend songs, ever since the beginning of the THP Tour up until the US Summerfests

-2-3 mins of LPTV that summirizes multipe shows


Seeing and reading stuff from LPA and from here "Linkin Park as a "brand" makes me further wonder about the Band's musical future.

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Chester never claimed the band rehearsed IBG. If you watch the Chat again, he just says, "we're gonna start playing that pretty soon actually".

That's not just something you'll say without prior knowledge of, you know, actually practicing the song.

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That's not just something you'll say without prior knowledge of, you know, actually practicing the song.

Considering these guys say things just for the sake of, I'd rather want proof rather than claims without support, especially for something they never even said.

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Good post. I'm indifferent on part of this. One side of me wants to see more THP, and another side of me wants to see more cuts off of other albums that haven't been played live or are rarer to see live, like anything from And One to P5hng Me A*wy to Powerless to Blackout to Burning In The Skies to Easier To Run.


They do play too many singles. I'm extremely tired of Numb, In The End, Burn It Down, and New Divide live. I was extremely happy when they dropped Breaking The Habit and Crawling, and I even like BTH. They're just overplayed. I never thought they'd change up Numb's studio version again, ever, so it's good the Numb/Encore stuff at least makes the song easier to hear live. The problem is that they clearly run through the motions with most of those songs I listed above, every single night. You can't tell me they truly enjoy playing Burn It Down every show, because the looks on their faces say otherwise. Now, if they play APFMH nightly for an entire 2015 tour, I'll say the same thing.


Two songs that come to mind that I saw them continually blow the fuck up on (and I saw quite a few 2011, 2012 and 2014 shows) were When They Come For Me and Lost In The Echo. Coincidentally, both are dropped from the live show. Hell, as much as I hate Lies Greed Misery, I'll put that in there too. They went nuts on those three songs. WTCFM was on FIRE in 2012...aaaaand they dropped it. LITE was really really filthy in 2012-2013 and they dropped it...the shortened version was atrocious. LGM was a jam and they dropped it, along with Victimized and the normal version of Castle Of Glass even though it took them ages to get Castle down.


It doesn't make much sense. I mean I want them to play what they WANT to play....I know they don't LOVE these singles every show and I bet they'd drop One Step Closer in a heartbeat if they felt risky enough to do it. In The End is one that they seem to feed off the crowd on so I could see them keeping that, but none of the rest. I don't want to see a half-assed Forgotten, By Myself, etc....they blew up on A Place For My Head in January but they'd get tired of that eventually too after 19 shows, I'm positive. I can't tell if they truly want to play the new THP stuff or not, or LT. Who knows. Maybe "this whole album was made to be played live!!!" they've harped on for 3 years and 2 albums for, is just a marketing ploy or something.


They're playing a lot of stuff they like right now. Mike LOVES Robot Boy, his solo stuff, Waiting For The End, Papercut (everyone loves Papercut), etc. From The Inside and A Line In The Sand are MONSTERS right now and IMO both should stick around for 2016. But they also have a lot of stuff they looked bored on, like One Step Closer sometimes, Bleed It Out, and especially Burn It Down. ALITS is the perfect new closer to the show to replace BIO, but they'd never do it.


I honestly don't see a single song from The Hunting Party making it to the first full-fledged album tour in 2016 for their new album (not a promo tour). Anyway, I truly enjoy seeing something DIFFERENT each tour and they've done a good job with that generally, but I feel like they got super lazy in 2014 with only 2 sets, which weren't very different at all. 2012's setlists nailed it. Maybe in 2016 they'll return to 3 diverse setlists again, or at least we can hope.

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The band is really inconsistent with their attitude towards their setlist.
"We have to play the singles that the casuals love" - plays Robot Boy, Joe's Medley etc.
"We want to play more new stuff live" - Drops half the songs from their new album within a year

"We'll drop Crawling first" - Crawling is in full now



It seems like they WANT to try some riskier stuff, but they just don't feel comfortable doing it. I mean, the band LOVED stuff like LITE, WTCFM, NMS, GATS etc., but they drop those for shit that bores them. They don't HAVE to play every single they've released in their setlist, but they seem to think they do for some reason. Them dropping ITE for APFMH based on "fan vote", which totally went in favor of ITE, is really the prime example that the band WANTS to play deeper cuts, but they still feel obligated to make sure no single goes untouched. I mean, think about it. How many singles from LP's discography haven't been played on this cycle in some form? One. Burning In The Skies.

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I wish the band took more of an approach to live performance like Muse does. They have a general structure for their sets, but every show they can change the order around and keep it fresh every night, even adding a surprise here and there. They could have easily whipped out HT songs or NMS, ALTNC, BTH on the Carnivores Tour when they play the same things every night, for almost two months.


I agree with Mark on a lot of things there. The band's just rehearsing, then running through the motions. A major problem with this set is that there is literally no room for change. It's all too tightly wound. They need to develop a setlist that they can maneuver and change on a consistent basis to keep each date special. It'll even give fans more of an incentive to go to more shows, to "chase" a song they want to see. The concept of this setlist and its "Acts" was cool to begin with, it even worked fine up until halfway through the Carnivores Tour, where everything was just the SAME night after night.


I hope they learn from this cycle where they made their mistakes. It seems that we'll only see major setlist changes now every touring cycle, though it seems the band did make some moves towards that for the Summer tour, with Papercut opening and ALITS. But let's put it into a bit of perspective here: MTM Touring Cycle, 3 different closing songs, entire album performed at some point, several different opening songs. Jump ahead to the THP Cycle, 1 consistent closing song the entire cycle, half of the album rehearsed, 2 different opening songs. There's definitely been a shift in effort and/or motivation to changing sets.


holy mother of fuck! what an amazing post sir.. congrats!
Thanks! :)
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Since they stopped DSP program they are really lazy with the setlists...


I cannot understand playing 5 songs from HT and 3 songs from THP during The Hunting Party Tour (Winter US Tour) or 7 songs from HT and 3 from THP (Summer EU Tour 2014).

In 2012 they brought back a lot of old songs and at that time it was cool, but after some time it became boring. They were playing a lot of songs from HT, but at the expense of LT.

I like to hear old songs, year ago in Wroclaw I was enjoying With You, OSC etc, but on my upcoming show in Poland I don't want these songs. I want THP songs, it's fucking The Hunting Party Tour. 6-7 THP songs in the set is minimum. All the singles + min. 2 non-single songs.

If sets will be looking like now... I'll be disappointed.

I'm sure they announce another EU tour in 2016, another show in Poland... But if they'll be still lazy with sets like in past 2 years, I won't go. I won't go, because I don't want to hear the same shit again and again.

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I usually always have a lot to say on this subject but everyone here has already bascially covered everything. Here are a couple of my thoughts.


When the Hunting Party tour cycle began, I really loved the new sets. I still love the fact that these sets cover pretty much everything from their catalogue; all studio albums, remix albums, a couple rare tracks and even Fort Minor. Fantastic idea on the band's part to make a big cohesive show that covers so many songs.

Here's what my issues are. They shorten songs so that they have more time for more songs. Play shortened versions to fit more songs in, I get that. And you have to play all the big singles that will forever be in the sets, those being One Step Closer, In The End, Numb, What I've Done, Burn It Down. Totally makes sense. But why not shorten those singles instead? The band seems tired of playing those tracks, so shorten them. The crowd still gets the songs they wanna see, and I doubt they'll care all too much if you just cut out a verse and chorus. Instead, they shorten real jams like Papercut and Runaway and Lost in the Echo. Completely backwards mentality to me. If they shortened the singles instead, that solves a lot of problems.

It's great that they're playing rare tracks and stuff such as Robot Boy, but not if it means not playing anything off the new album. Yes, the crowd reaction to GATS was poor, but then maybe it should've been moved somewhere else in the set, like the beginning of the encore. It should not have just been dropped completely. If you're worried about playing new songs because you think the audience won't really react to it, then make it fun for them. Get them involved. Chester goes for it in ALITS with getting the crowd to do the "heys" and all that. Tell them to jump for Rebellion, tell them to start pits for Keys or All For Nothing. Do something instead of just going through the motions.

I think there is zero excuse for not playing the Hunting Party songs that they haven't yet, and especially no excuse for dropping the ones they were playing. I think all the new songs sounded great live.

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I think they should play two different kind of shows: the shows that promote the album (example: THP tour) and festival shows. In "album name shows" they should play at least 5 songs of the new album regularly (5 songs that cannot be removed and stay the same) + 2 songs of the new album changing from set A to set B and set C. In this way, we would get 7 new songs in every setlist and all the songs could debute. The other part of the setlist can be made of singles and some rare or old non-single stuff.
In festival shows or shows that aren't part of the promotional tour, they could play just 3-4 songs from the new album (the ones that sound better live or that they enjoy the most) and play all the singles they want and songs that the crowd enjoys.
I imagine a thing like this:
album comes out ---> first promotional EU tour with 5 new songs ----> US tour with 5+2 songs ---> back to EU with 5+2 songs -----> another US tour (5+2) ----> South America (5+2 songs) ----> US festival tour ----> Asia (5+2) ----> Europe festival tour -------> Australia (5+2)/festivals -------> back to studio for the new album.

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Agree with the idea of different types of setlists. Festival shows can be all singles, album promotion shows should be mostly new music, and all other shows should be LP playing whatever they want. Right now it seems like no matter the event the setlist is the same.

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I think doing a survey when ordering ticket would maybe solve the problem. The survey would contain questions about what do you want to hear, it wouldn't ask about specific songs, but about the type of songs you would like to hear the most, like singles, usual album songs or rare/not played yet songs. Based on the survey the band would create the setlist.


Another thing they can do is to rotate non-singles. I don't know why do they care so much about the "singles" anyway, I mean Crawling is one of their biggest singles, which won a Grammy, and they don't play it very often. there's just a single single that is played i full from ATS, WFTE, that's note even the main single and not even the biggest single, which is The Catalyst, which they don't even play.


When it comes to ITE vs. APFMH thing in the main post, I wouldn't say ITE clearly won, only because there was many people on the same side the camera was on, that cheered for ITE, doesn't mean that the most of the audience did, I think that most of APFMH enthusiasts were on the other side. btw. the video is pretty funny(for me at least) if you slow it down to 0.5, and watch it from 5:30 until they begin to play APFMH




What are you talking about? Those are the correct numbers.

Sorry, didn't notice you began talking about THP sentence after, I thought you kept talking about LT

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This is so hard for me to look at from an extremely non biased perspective of a hardcore fan who's been blessed to see them multiple times.


But even as a causal fan the middle section of the set is SLOW and kills the crowd.


10. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent
11. Robot Boy Shortened
12. Joe Solo Medley
15. Darker Than Blood
16. Burn It Down
17. Mike Solo Medley


These are my problem songs. I compare it to seeing Rise Against. RA is pretty loud and fast their whole set, but they throw in Swing Life Away in the middle, which is what I consider to be similar to the ballad medley. Though at this point I think they could trade out another "slow" song like Final Masquerade or I'll Be Gone, or an acoustic cover of one of their songs.


Then it's RB and Joe's Medley back to back and it just kills the crowd. I don't see rock fans (which are the crowd LP gets at festivals) care about solos unless they're guitar solos. Then for them to add Darker Than Blood first over so many albums songs that haven't debuted KILLS me, plus again no one knows wtf is happening.


And then BID. Like I get that people like Burn It Down, it's on their top 5 for Spotify, so I guess that has to stay. However, if I myself was going to cut a song for my own fantasy/hardcore setlist then it would be one of the first to go. Never really enjoyed the live version.


Mike's medley is weird to me. I was so surprised at the 2 festival shows I went to that no one really reacted to Remember the Name besides people who I knew were hardcore fans. And then on Carnivores I had seats and again not a big reaction. Much more love for the Encore part of Numb Encore. If it was dropped, I wouldn't mind.


What we, the LPL members who appreciate non singles, need is another LPU tour. But that went up in smoke when Download offered them $$$ and they didn't do their club tour idea.


tl:dr: I'm not trilled with the slower, single heavy, shortened song setlist and am hoping it changes in the next private tour. NO MORE US FESTIVALS!

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plus again no one knows wtf is happening.


What we, the LPL members who appreciate non singles, need is another LPU tour. But that went up in smoke when Download offered them $$$ and they didn't do their club tour idea.


tl:dr: I'm not trilled with the slower, single heavy, shortened song setlist and am hoping it changes in the next private tour. NO MORE US FESTIVALS!


I agree with everything you say. You have three points I want to address:

1. Hell yes on Darker Than Blood. I texted Soul at ROTR, "wow WTF a brand new song, when did they even have time to record this?" and had no idea what it was.

2. LPU Tour would be GREAT with only 1-2 singles. They won't do it though because they won't make enough money. How much money could LP make on one LPU show? Not that much. And a whole tour of it, plus to pay the crew? Ha, they wouldn't do it I bet unless it was HT in full....and Download shot that idea down. It kills me they didn't STILL do it in the USA even after Download's offer :(

3. No more USA festivals is an understatement. They've never done them before, and I'm glad. I believed the opposite until I went to one...I haven't seen any good reviews from the hardcore LP fans who went to them this year.

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This post speaks my mind.


Just the other day i was watching their Rock am Ring 2004 performance..

The bands energy was fucking high, the crowd aswell.


They had major fun doing that show, Brad fooling around with the camera guy, Chester making comments about him throwing like a girl, Mike getting really pumped up during the hiphop medley..


What happend?


There's one transition wich stays badass 'till this day for me. Figure 09/From The Inside

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A lot of people complaining about Darker? back off. It doesn't take much time from the setlist it's one fucking minute, ONE.. also it's a rarity it won't stay much in the set and we love rarities don't we?


I loved the band when I saw them at Monterrey but I did not like the flow of the set the run from Papercut (1) to COG (9) is fucking insane I love it so much but then the rest of the show was from low to mid tempo and the last part sucks balls it's not exciting I don't understand why the band thinks that WID is fucking amazing... it's a generic rock song.


I also don't understand why they forgot to add cool shit to BIO it used to be special when it had Sabotage, APFMH, BITS... without the extra stuff to me BIO is not better than Hit The Floor, for real.

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A lot of people complaining about Darker? back off. It doesn't take much time from the setlist it's one fucking minute, ONE.. also it's a rarity it won't stay much in the set and we love rarities don't we?


I loved the band when I saw them at Monterrey but I did not like the flow of the set the run from Papercut (1) to COG (9) is fucking insane I love it so much but then the rest of the show was from low to mid tempo and the last part sucks balls it's not exciting I don't understand why the band thinks that WID is fucking amazing... it's a generic rock song.


I also don't understand why they forgot to add cool shit to BIO it used to be special when it had Sabotage, APFMH, BITS... without the extra stuff to me BIO is not better than Hit The Floor, for real.

1. Those one minute things add up. DTB is one minute, Joe's Medley is two, Robot Boy is two etc. Drop those, and you have time for both Keys and War. It's a rarity for LP, sure, but it's a rarity in the same vein as Robot Boy. It's not needed at all, and it serves little to no purpose in the set.


2. I agree with the flow thing. It's very top heavy right now, leaving the last 2/3 to rather boring stuff. Especially the tracks right after COG. Ballad Medley -> Burn It Down is SO boring. The encore is also pretty shitty right now, but I disagree on the WID thing. With the solo, it's a really amazing live song right now. It's one of my favorite Brad solos. It shouldn't be in the encore, though, I agree.


3. 100% agree about BIO. It's such a shitty closer right now with just the sing-a-long. It was epic back in 2010-2011 when there was shit like "RME v1, Drum Solo, APFMH v1 + Bridge". That was fucking incredible. Hell, even the last show of the Fall Euro tour last year had a pretty sweet BIO. Right now, it's boring, and it's definitely not a closer.

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