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6th Album Name Ideas


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Are you out of your mind? the album is coming pretty soon


A long wait was Meteora-MTM kid.

Yeah, it's coming soon, but we literally know nothing on how it'll sound other than it SEEMS like it's going to be a more organic "raw" album, but that's all speculation from small interviews we are given. None of the members (that I know of) have said what the direction of the album is, they just say they're constantly in the studio and having fun. Hell, they probably still don't even know what it'll all sound like. In my opinion, (not trying to offend anyone) I find naming an album without knowing anything of it's composition redundant and stupid. I say leave that to the people who are actually doing the work.

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We know that they're using a lot of guitars, but the question is if the songs that utilize those guitars will even be included.

and those songs that feature "gutarzz omg back 2 hibrid thery" can always have said guitar destroyed in the mix.. YAY


"We'll Never Play Half of This Stuff Live Anyway, Volume 2."

Hybrid Theory III: Meteora Pt. 2

Fuck You: We're Back. :D



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