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  1. I honestly don’t expect LP back for a long time. I’m sure he tinkers with ideas here and there but it’s probably not a priority.
  2. I already have the Gold pressing which I think fits better with the standard album cover but damn if I’m not tempted to grab this. That’s such a nice hue of blue. They should’ve given the sleeve the blue “deluxe edition” art to match!
  3. Aww yeah this sounds great! Big fan of Ryan and Amir. They're the nicest dudes and really support their fans. As others have said, a demo release of DBS songs would be killer!
  4. That's exactly where I stand with this quote. I would be much more sympathetic to this idea if it was one of the smaller bands or artists I listen to. But this is coming from a literal millionaire. He's set for life. I understand that at his level, releasing an album on a major label has some strings attached: budget, promotion, tours, merch, videos, etc. etc. But damn man, you can't just toss the fans a bone like you did with Dropped Frames and just kinda throw something out there for the heck of it if the inspiration struck you? For someone who prides himself on trying to think outside of th
  5. A Blood Orange collab would be amazing! Kero Kero Bonito is so fun and catchy, I would be interested to see what they do with a song as well.
  6. Once again everyone beat me to it. If he’s only motivated to release music if it’s a “success” then honestly, that’s an album I’m not interested in listening to. Just comes across like you’re doing it because you feel you need to. Not because you want to.
  7. lmao what did you do to get banned? Your shouts were hilarious. I never felt offended by anything you posted. As for the original topic, I was so hyped for THP since I mostly listen to hard rock and metal. I did notice at the time, the excitement wasn’t there for a lot of people. I think LP has a large amount of fans that aren’t really into heavy music and GATS probably wasn’t doing it for them. At least that’s what I observed with LP fans I know personally. I don’t think the marketing was in top form in that era, in terms of drawing in the casual listener. No huge radio hit or popul
  8. Sounds like something that would play inside the H&M at your local mall. Basically just sounds like background noise to me. Oh well. Haven't really liked Mike's one off songs. He's at his best for me when he's in the album mindset.
  9. COVID hours got musicians doing twitch and releasing singles, not albums. not surprised in the least.
  10. Holy shit y'all! Mike remixing one of my fav Deftones tracks! Not to mention that absolute A+ lineup of artists contributing to Black Stallion. I am so hyped for this! Purity Ring! Phantogram! DJ Shadow! Wow!
  11. Thanks for the Amazon link! Pre-ordered! And after the HT20 nonsense, I might be better off than if I had ordered from LP.com
  12. Ugh, the Chester print is folded. I expected it, It wouldn't fit any other way, but it still hurts my soul a little.
  13. My white whales are both mentioned here. Thoughts and the Rob drum track. An anniversary release with b sides and remixes would be mind blowing.
  14. Yeah, I agree that it’s way past time for you guys to get an interview with Mike. Especially since you’ve never asked. The knowledge of the sites admin and the fan base here is unparalleled. You can come up with some really great questions and provide a lot of cool insight into the HT era.
  15. Waiting for that preorder link to be fixed then im all over that super deluxe.
  16. Any concerns that Jeff could be considered an "unreliable narrator"? Fact is, he knows a ton about the band's early history and origins. Just worried that he might embellish or change things for "dramatic purposes" or to make himself look more favorable.
  17. Hopefully it's something with more substance than "Here's a ton of merch! Go buy a bunch of expensive stuff!". That being said, I will buy an album with demos, etc.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgBzqndiO0Q This one? (It's a repost so no need to worry about giving the original poster views)
  19. Talk about a missed opportunity for a Lionel Richie collab lmao
  20. Legends. Huge shout out to Adam as well. What a great team of people we are fortunate to have working with the band.
  21. Oh man I feel like the only one here who absolutely loves Lift Off. big fan of chill hip hop and this is Mike at his chillest. Add in Chino (I’m a big Deftones fan) and you have a recipe for success. Not big on MGK but I don’t find his verse to be too distracting from the song. Yeah, I would’ve preferred a second Mike verse but it’s not a deal breaker. I would really love for him to experiment with this sound more and just release an album of super chill jams. Osiris is additional proof that he is definitely capable of it. sorry totally went off topic here.