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  1. I think i'm the one who isn't that pleased with the album...
  2. I dunno, look, i'm stoked that they brought back the guitars and raw drum sounds. But i dunno it just doesn't give me the WOW factor that i normally get from LP single releases. Pretty good song to air guitar too but nothing out of the ordinary. Def stay on this path from now on, maybe add a little electronic stuff (synths etc), but no aoki bs. 6/10
  3. everyone loving the song...while im trying to get my 3gs to work FUCK
  4. is it not working for anyone else, or is it because i have a 3gs?
  5. love it when the video on Shazam cannot be loaded !!! this is killing me!!
  6. When chester and mike did Numb/Encore after numb!
  7. Blackout demo would be gnarly as
  8. awesome, LP & Metallica are headlining a second festival this year in a row !
  9. "Until It Breaks" was a pretty good song starting from chester's part but then they fucked the end of the song. Also "Castle Of Glass" had me going too for abit then disappointing at the end. that's just my opinion, i will give them all a listen again and i know i'll like this whole album
  10. o.0 can you tell me what ryu said about mike and LP ?
  11. Totally different from the snippet. F#$^CKING LOVE THIS !
  12. Hmm, actually i take that back. i haven't heard the full song yet nor heard the other titles. so i can't really judge them yet... we will see!
  13. honestly, i'm pretty dissapointed in this snippet, and i saw the track listing for the 5 or so songs and was also dissapointed
  14. Live in Sydney 11.12.10 and 11.12.10 +LPU Sydney Summit
  15. dont worry, i redeemed mine at the first day and they normally take 10-11 weeks
  16. i would like to know, i have a similar one, its a G-STAR bomber jacket.
  17. -.- seriously looking for some real opinions please!
  18. Hey guys, i was just thinking about all the bulls*** that is on the radio nowadays e.g Ke$ha, Pitbull, Lil Wayne etc, and i realised that every song that is on the radio these days is just about alcohol,sex and women. this makes me think people who can actually sing and make music (Linkin Park) will actually still be around radio wise and in general. music from 2008+ has just mostly been trash due to Justin Bieber etc in my opinion. i would love your thoughts on this, i would love to see what kind of music will be played in 10 years and if Linkin Park will still be around still being awesome. thanks!
  19. give me your name was just shocking..
  20. fair call..are you still a hardcore fan of LP now?
  21. i like the piano during the chorus so, i'd go with the original.
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