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  1. I think the same about that song, and it's very personal to me, as, actually, I've been in that situation.
  2. I'll go further, Why not a DVD-2CD combo? And if it would be any problem with the 2CDs, I'd left the second encore out "jay z collab and bleed it out" and release it on the New Divide single. I've always hated that they altered the tracklist with the hidden songs...
  3. I don't want to know the total of GB of all the DSP...
  4. Why he hates so much Runaway?
  5. I don't know if this is the right place, but, does anybody has the FM version of Numb/Encore? I've always feel curious about it, i've never heard it and I want to know how it is.
  6. Which has been the longest LP show? In term of timing.
  7. Linkin Park has closed his main shows ever with What I've Done, O.S.C., Faint and Bleed It Out, am I left behind any other? which other song would you think it would be perfect to close with?
  8. Hi guys! I was wondering if someone has this show, it has one of my favourites setlist from the MTM era, thanks!
  9. I knew all that information, but I always thought that Mike has always refered to physical format, but thanks anyway btw, which program do you use to rip your DVD disc to a digital format?
  10. One question, what happened with the tracks that didn't make the cut on RTR: Somewhere I Belong, Papercut, P.O.A., Wake... I heard that Mike on 2008 said that it would be available someway...
  11. Thanks! by the way, I had no torrent, which program would you recommend me?
  12. So, at the end, what's gonna happen? Torrents, Mega... Thanks
  13. 01: Don't Stay (Gacela intro) 02: Forgotten (2000 Beat Intro; Ext. Bridge) 03: In The End 04: Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note) 05: What I've Done (Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge) 06: Points Of Authority (Short Reanimated intro) 07: With You (Reanimated) 08: Runaway / Wastelands 09: Wretches and Kings (Ext. Speech Scratch Intro) 10: Lost in the Echo (2012 intro) 11: Blackout 12: A Line in the Sand 13: High Voltage 14: Carousel 15: Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me 16: Final Masquerade 17: Tinfoil / Powerless 18: Fallout 19: The Catalyst 20: Numb (Guitar in
  14. I usually don't post over here but I think this is important. I'm on the individual downloads and also the big torrent file. Thinking about people who wants everything and the other ones who are searching only for certain shows.
  15. That show has a invalid link 9/16 Docklands Arena, London, ENG
  16. So, this is what HBO originally recorded, but not broadcasted entirely?