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  1. Thanks for the upload! A couple of questions if you don't mind, the "live from carnivores tour 2014" where they were recorded exactly? What about the numb and new divide, victimized and WFTE versions in the "other" categorie?
  2. Haven't seen this before, thanks! The upload is gone, could you reupload it, if you don't mind? Thanks again A couple of questions, is the quality of this audio better than the video streaming of the whole show and the audios released on the itunes EP and the BID single?
  3. I 100% agree with you. As we know the perfectionist attitude of the band, I guess that, since the unfair rage of the LPU8, they felt ashamed of showing us demos. Stuff that we, as fans, we crave for it, but they obviously think "we don't want you to look our skeletons in the closet, we don't feel proud of them". That's why they even edit demos just before it's release and most of them weren't worth to be listened to (That doesn't mean that I hate every demo, I love some tracks like Aubrey One, but you get the point). For me, the LPU2-6 format was the best. Quality over quantity. Although what I missed the most was the exclusive live tracks (not DSPs like LPU7 or some CD singles of that era)
  4. Hi guys, I recently bought in Google Play the "Minutes to Midnight Deluxe Edition" because it contains the same bonus tracks as the Circuit City Edition (Faint and WID), which you can also stream on Spotify. Despite Google oblied me to buy the whole record and not just those two songs, I bought it because they are the only ones I didn't have yet. The problem is I actually can't download any song in any format. Like Spotify, when you download something, it's not in the traditional sense, but to stream it even without internet signal. Do you guys know any method to REALLY rip it from my phone to actual audio files?
  5. Would it be very illegal to ask someone to share the 99 problems/1step klosr mashup? 😁
  6. Thanks a lot! BTW, which software do you use for extract loseless audio?
  7. Is still possible to aquire the 2013 iTunes bonus tracks from "Studio Collection"? (f.e. Shadow of the day alternative mix, High Voltage from Wantagh 2001...)
  8. Hi guys, just a quick question about Fallout/Talking to myself. I've always had a certain doubt regarding to this intro. Was actually played like Fallout on 2010-11, when Mike played keys and vocoder, or was it a taped intro like Tinfoil back in 2012, for example? Thanks!
  9. Stripped: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hd0pp7k91a9z8bs/Live_Stripped_Music_Performance_2007.zip/file Wal-Mart: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ecwqlfjonigq97b/Live_Wal-Mart_Soundcheck_Performance_2007.zip/file AOL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dz3h6iaq8il989t/Live_AOL_Sessions_2007.zip/file
  10. Then, the Given Up and NMS that where released on CD also are from the same show? Or those two are from a complete different performance?
  11. Well, the staff has the last word on this issue!
  12. I personally ripped off from a Youtube video, but I've always thought that the itunes version might had the same audio quality as the two other tracks that were released on physical format, that's why I asked for it
  13. In this case, is still illegal to share it, right?
  14. Hi guys, since iTunes is no more, I've been trying to buy this version of WID, the one only available on iTunes Germany, but now they force me to download and subscribe apple music, and you know, I just want to buy that track. Is there any other way to buy it legally? Thanks
  15. Thanks a lot mate! By the way, what does it mean "the audio is more in sync-in for Faint"?
  16. I've always wondered why you didn't end up writing a 2017 tour summary. I guess that after Chester's passing it wasn't easy to do, but I've always thought that it would be interesting and also useful in terms of bootleg guide. In any case, great job with the other ones guys
  17. Hi guys, I want to discuss something that has been around my mind since I listened this album. I won't lie, I'm not the biggest OML fan, but I decided to give a chance to this release, despite it doesn't include any of my favorite tracks of their setlist back then. But I realized that the sound was pretty weak, specially on old songs like Numb or In The End. I know there are their poppier songs, but they lack of any kind of aggression, I can barely hear guitars on Numb, for example. It reminds me to the DSP of some years, where the songs sounded too soft for me (but I really appreciate the effort that the band made back then). I'm other words, it gaves me the feeling that they just simply throw us some recordings from the mixing desk, and not a proper live album. But if that would be the case, I 100% understand it, because of the context where it was released. Or perhaps this awful mix was conscious to match the soft tone of the newer tracks. I don't know, what do you guys think?
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