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  1. On those cases what I do is to add a couple of Decibels until it's loud enough
  2. I've seen that it exist an FM broadcast of this show (although incomplete) Is it worth to be collected? Thanks!
  3. Agree, it was such a weak year for the band (at least in live terms)
  4. Hi guys, since the DSP program stopped that year. Could you recommended me some good bootlegs from that year? Thanks
  5. Hi guys! I think we all know the existence of this CD, but I have a question, where it was recorded? Linkinpedia doesn't list it. Also, there's a promo digital german single for What I've Done, but I think that is the Third Encore Version, am I right? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I know I don't post much over here, but I'm sure you can help me, I'd like to know what tuning used LP to record Hybrid Theory. I'm bassist and as I don't have any partitures/tablatures, I have to figure it out by ear, so knowing the tuning would be such a great help. Thanks!
  7. 67 minutes! fuck! there was time for 10 more minutes
  8. Of course we don't know where those tunes where recorded, but my question is... why did they recorded it, were they been preparing a live album/DVD before all this shit happened?
  9. And also drop off Burn It Down, I fucking hate that song...
  10. https://mega.nz/#!sUkBgKDL!FZ59hXKS_B9dMfgnJycYN8zTsvxggrDoZJ4lYsbKJNM
  11. I think it would be totally surprising, or perhaps in a medley later in the set.
  12. Linkin Park playing at the same festival than some extreme metal bands, quite interesting...
  13. Hi guys, as there is no DSP for the european summer tour 2008, I'd like to know which audio recordings are the best on this tour? I already have the Rock In Rio and Festimad recordings, but is there any audio recording worth to be downloaded? Thanks
  14. In front of an audience full of metalheads? Don't think so.
  15. Maybe they had run out of good demos, that's why the last LPU CD was so low.
  16. Somebody has those shows? I know it exist the DSP master torrent, but I've lost those two and if I can avoid to download those 50gb again... Thanks a lot
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