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  1. Jesus christ I haven't posted in a very long time but the stupidity of your post called for it. Why the hell does it matter if hes not playing guitar? Just because it says his "lead guitarist" on his wiki page? If he needs to play keyboards for a song to make it work live, then so be it. Versatility is always a good thing, your making it sound like he has to stay on guitar for every single fucking song and that Mike shouldn't touch one ever.
  2. Huh, I didn't know Eli James is playing drums with them now. Makes sense I guess, since Frank most likely has to do touring with Street Drum Corps.
  3. Nothing too significant, but I noticed in the latest LPTV that Phoenix has a new Precision bass (sunburst with tortoiseshell pickguard and maple fretboard) at 4:18
  4. No, none of them have been played live, but I know Carousel was considered in 2001 when they brought out Step Up.
  5. Don't mean to dash your hopes, but I believe LP don't want fans playing drums as the samples and click tracks need to be in time with the drums (or something like that, not too sure) and its a hassle to have someone besides Rob playing drums. No harm in asking though.
  6. Haha yeah, here's a rig rundown of Mike's gear if anyone's interested! (I think it might of been filmed during the Honda Civic tour, but I'm probably wrong.)
  7. I'm pretty sure he does have his pedal board (or at least part of it) when hes playing BIO. Watch this vid at 4:31
  8. Great info man! I guess you're our inside guy on all of LP's gear since you know Sean. Also, do you have any plans to put all the pedals/effects that LP use on your guitar site? Would be pretty nice so thats its not all in seperate posts within this thread.
  9. Great that they're coming back to Aus soon, but I'll probably catch a side show in Melbourne (if they do one) rather then the festival. Would rather watch them as a headlining act on their own, and I don't really know/care that much for the other bands on the bill (yeah shoot me )
  10. Great that LP could possibly be coming back, but I'd much prefer a headlining tour like the others have said, don't really care for Soundwaves lineups that much either(if the previous years are anything to go by).
  11. On stage they might mainly use PRS and Fenders (they used to play Ibanez's more during their Hybrid Theory/Meteora years) , but they could be using Ibanez's for studio use only. Also, I think the reason that lyrics in the booklets are often wrong is because the printing companies or whatever need to start making album booklets/covers a few months before album release and so the band sends lyrics which often change by the time the album releases.
  12. Um no, Hands Held High debuted in full at this show in 2007 http://lplive.net/shows/20070729.php
  13. Meh, don't really care for this song and Chester wasn't doing a great job of it in 2010-2011 anyway so I'm not terribly sad about it going.
  14. Yeah, that definetely seems like the case. Makes sense though, lugging one rig all over the world is probably quite costly and would take quite a bit of time. But I do know a few other fairly large bands that only seem to have one touring rig.
  15. Same here, Its great that their bringing out old fan favourites but I'd personally prefer a few more ATS songs and maybe something like The Little Things Give You Away from MTM, we've only got one "slowish" paced song/medley. I understand the band want more high energy shows, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few more slower paced songs.
  16. Some great info here guys! I've noticed Chester is using his PRS Mira for Iridescent instead of his new "green" telecaster that he used at HOB. Also, thats definetely a black PRS Mira that Brad is using on With You/Runaway.
  17. Yes, Radiohead are fucking awesome. Def my fav band right now (sorry LP ). I kinda wish LP would bring a few more songs from ATS back,but besides that, great setlist.
  18. ^ Damn, they sure crammed a lot of lyrics into a song less then 3 minutes long.
  19. Hmm, and you must be one of those people that somehow think that Meteora was their best album?
  20. Hmmm, dunno what to think of this. Its got a sort of pop/dancey feel like BID, but its got that "wierdness" (for lack of a better word) that Blackout has (chester screaming over a dancy beat etc). The ending is pretty damn great though, I'll have to listen to it a few more times to make up my mind on it.
  21. So after watching some videos of their show at HOB, heres what I've noticed (mostly guitar stuff): - Brad has a new 7/6 string (can't really tell, probably a baritone 6 string) for With You and Runaway. I have absolutely no idea what make it is. - Chester has a new telecaster for the Iridescent part of the LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent medley. If you listen to Chester before the Cataylst (which was the song after) he says something about the guitar being made by the guitar tech and being decomposable or something? - Nothing special, but Phoenix seems to be favouring his White/with red tort pickguard P-Bass more then his sunburst. - Mikes playing samples during Runaway. I'm pretty sure when they played it before Joe was doing them, but Mikes doing them for whatever reason now. - I think Mike might have a new PRS on WFTE, but it might just be one of his blue ones that he usually uses for Faint/OSC etc. - Mike definetely has a new white PRS (might actually be one of Brad's) on SIB. - I think Mike has a new white Strat on WID. - Phoenix is on backing vocals for BID - Apparently Rob is wearing headphones instead of in-ears now (or maybe over them) for whatever reason. All I have for right now, I'm sure more will be revealed after they start playing some more shows and new songs (which probably won't happen until the Honda Civic tour).
  22. Holy fuck BIO is fucking awesome with Sabotage. I thought APFMH was good, but god damn.
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