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  1. Chester is funny as always loved the singing in the car
  2. And One. It's too soon for iridescent to go.
  3. IMO new divide or ATS should've won but My December deserved it too
  4. Iridescent, it's my favorite LP song ever.
  5. No Roads Left. Can't believe New Divide went out before it...
  6. I totally agree XD. Honestly i don't see the problem with the interludes. I actually like them ( yes. Even Empty Space )
  7. Only one song ? That's hard but i choose One Step Closer this song IS Linkin Park. Maybe cuz it's their 1st single
  8. If it was two years ago it would be Numb and Easier To Run but now i think When They Come For Me and Wretches And Kings
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