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  1. Do you think Post Traumatic got a storyline?
  2. Ohhh, thanks god, I got sick of that heavy sound long time ago anyway
  3. Any idea if linkin park will bring their touring member for this tour, or it's gonna be just two of them?
  4. Anyone remeber Bucharest 2012 ? Mike had keyboard problems at the beginning of 'New Divide' so it was stopped and aborted. Over the next few minutes, Brad walked around to the rest of the band and got the band to play an impromptu 'A Place For My Head'.
  5. Chester broke his wrist not Brad, and it was this show http://lplive.net/shows/db/2007/20071016
  6. Wow, you can see a part of Phoenix tattoo on his back
  7. Does this fits to Maroon5? - First Show was at a venue on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood
  8. What I mean to say it's that is a studio mistake
  9. numb/encore/yesterday is in different key than original ?
  10. Not a live mistake, I'm not sure if it's a mistake at all. In second verse of Papercut it goes like this Everybody has a face that they hold inside A face that awakes when I close my eyes A face that watches every time they lie A face that laughs every time they fall I'm pretty sure that is supposed to be "when they close their eyes"
  11. Playing a normal setlist when everybody expect something special is actually special
  12. Have anyone noticed that in suggestion list is RickRoll'd video
  13. To make this worst, I would end it with Opening or Foreword ...It would be hilarious
  14. 1. lost in the echo 2. in my remains 3. burn it down 4. lies greed misery 5. i'll be gone 6. castle of glass 7. victimized 8. roads untraveled 9. skin to bone 10. until it breaks 11. tinfoil 12. powerless
  15. Happy Birthday Hybrid Theory... You changed my life, I remeber the first time when I saw In the end on TV and said "Who their are ?I like this song." Two month later LP become my favourite band. Thanks you Hybrid Theory ,I'm Celebrating you right now ...I'm so fuckin' drunk!!
  16. Or maybe Castle of glass represent a bottle of beer