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  1. Just picked up a M&G package (with a GA ticket) and a second GA ticket for Providence. Hate dropping that much, but I've tried for ~10 years through the LPU to get a M&G, and never have. CAN'T WAIT
  2. According to Shopradiocast, (http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Linkin-Park-%252d-The-Hunting-Party-2XLP.html) the D side is etched.
  3. Haven't gotten to really sit down and listen start to finish, but having heard most of the tracks now, Rob is KILLING it
  4. We have the Roads Untraveled Rad Omen, which brings the count to 9. Assuming Money Mark is different, of course. Plus, that includes ALTNC, so really, 8 remixes. Not bad, but kinda disappointed that the subscription remixes are on there. They aren't new, and it makes the subscription no longer exclusive. That being said, I'm excited for the release, especially Rick Rubin's take on ALTNC and Ryu on the Skin to Bone remix
  5. Comic artist Mark Simpson, who goes by Jock. He also designed the poster for The Raid that Mondo released last year, which was used for the interior art of the vinyl release.
  6. Unfortunately, they never release pressing numbers. But their soundtracks sell out fast. Their pressing of the Drive soundtrack sold out in less than 30 minutes a few months ago. Their most recent one, Oblivion (also by Trapanese, ironically), sold out in less than a week, and that was the longest I've seen one take to sell out. If you're on the fence, and have the money to spare, I'd get it.
  7. Mondo, an art gallery out of Texas that specializes in limited edition screen printed movie posters, in addition to limited edition vinyl soundtracks, today put up for sale a limited edition pressing of the soundtrack for The Raid: Redemption, by Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese. This is their fifth official release. The release is pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, with randomly inserted "Smokey Grey" vinyl. It is unclear at this point whether the release will be distributed to record stores in the future, as Mondo has done with select releases in the past. Information on the pressing can be found HERE, while the item sale page can be found HERE.
  8. I guarantee, without a doubt, that there will be more than 3000 copies. The people behind record store day are notorious for listing the wrong release edition number, even on their own website. I've seen it range anywhere from being a few thousand off to an entire decimal point off.
  9. It's only a dollar if you renew/buy a new membership. You can't buy the cd for a dollar by itself, whether you're a paid member or on a trial.
  10. can;t wait for CT and MA so i can sync them up with my shitty sounding videos haha
  11. Go on youtube, search "linkin park" ... then filter by upload date. There are a ton from last night within the first 6 or so pages
  12. I'm so jealous. I didn't get a M&G for CT or MA, haha.
  13. just got home. crowd WAS utterly terrible. for the first few songs, i was one of two people standing in my mostly sold out section. then mike told everybody they had to stand hahaha. LP killed it, Pooch was jamming, but the crowd was terrible. hoping mansfield is an improvement
  14. "chicken fricassee.... take it... BACK"
  15. finally got a ticket to this. hitting up CT and MA. hope i get a M&G for one of 'em.
  16. holy crap. anybody else's audio feed just jump hellaciously louder?
  17. Finally got my tickets for this. And holy crap Mark, that is a long way away for you.
  18. i'm only on 8, but holy crap. this is amazing. and Mike is killing it. He's even stepped up his singing game too.
  19. that is in no way dubstep. It sounds like Sleigh Bells, especially Chester in the chorus. I like it.
  20. I'm just glad the videos are back in color, and that the guys seem to be having fun... instead of being serious/miserable in black and white.
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