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Singles that should have been released


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Hi soldiers,

I always wondered why certain sounds solids have not released as singles and / or video clips, like,


-With You, A place for my head, Easier to Run, Blackout, Wretches and Kings, Roads Untraveled, and No Roads Left & pretend To Be


What do you soldiers think?



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A Place For My Head

Jigga What/Faint (2nd single for Collision Course)

No More Sorrow

In My Remains (instead Burn It Down)



My December

P5hng Me A*wy/By Myself - Live In Texas (promo single like LFY)

What We Don't Know (for MTM parallel universe edition)

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A Place For My Head could've been the first single from HT not OSC

In Pieces and TLTGYA from MTM

Roads Untraveled and In My Remains from LT.

Wait............where's the new Music Video from LT????

The band said around November/December that they finished it. Where the hell is it?

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Certain songs aren't released as singles because they aren't radio material. Usually meaning they aren't catchy enough. But yeah, sometimes songs that could have done well aren't released as singles.


I remember when MTM had been out for a bit, Joe and (I think) Chester both said in separate interviews that they were surprised In Pieces didn't become a single. Keeping in mind that the label gets a big say in what songs are released to the radio.

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A Place For My Head, No More Sorrow, and With You would have really brought in more metalheads into our fanbase. Shame that never happened.

Yes but then when they realized MTM had not much other heavy songs, and then they heard ATS, they would have either sat here and bitched about it or left.

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ATS in full should of been a single lol


Victamized/Roads Untraveled should of been a Single on a CD.


Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me should of been a single.


Pushing Me Away (HT Version)/P5hng Me A*wy/Pushing Me Away (Piano Version) just like that should of been a Single CD


Other then all that, I'll Be Gone was released to alternative radio as a promotional single on December 5, 2012. So im guessing it is the band's 5th Single from the album (BID/LITE/COG/POWERLESS) and IMR charted but i doubt that song would be a single.

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