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23.02.2013 - Brisbane, Australia - Soundwave


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On the 23rd, Linkin Park plays Brisbane, Australia for the first time since 2010, when they opened their Australian Tour for A Thousand Suns in Brisbane (show page here). It will be their fourth appearance in the city since 2001, the others coming at Livid Festival in 2003 and at the last show on the Australia / New Zealand Tour for Minutes To Midnight in 2007 (show page here). A particular highlight from the 2007 show was Chester going pretty far out into the crowd with his cast on to let the fans help him with 'Bleed It Out'.



At the last show in Auckland, the band held their 8th LPU Summit and treated fans to a five song soundcheck before the show instead of playing any songs acoustically like most Summits have had. The set for that show remained the same, with 'TINFOIL' and 'Faint' opening. This will be LP's first show in Australia since 2010, when they played nine shows there on the A Thousand Suns World Tour.


According to the Soundwave timetable, LP plays from 6:30-7:45 on Stage 1 B, opposite from Stage 1 A where Metallica will play just after them. Right before LP is A Perfect Circle on the other stage. This will be the first of five Soundwave shows for the band, with the others coming in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Two headlining shows appear on this tour on 26th in Sydney and the 27th in Melbourne (both with Stone Sour opening).


Due to Linkin Park only getting 75 minutes for this show, the set will obviously have to be shortened. Will they play a shorter version of Set A, or will they rotate it and try something different for the Soundwave shows? What do you think? Will they open with a song like 'A Place For My Head', perhaps?


The next Soundwave show comes on the 24th in Sydney. The rest of the 2013 tour dates can be found here.


EDIT: Thanks to LPL member "troub1eboy", we have a picture of Set B for Australia (from the LPU Summit in Auckland). 'CASTLE OF GLASS' replaces 'IN MY REMAINS' in that setlist as well, and 'In The End' is moved up a few spots. This set is likely to be played in Sydney on the 26th (headline show).




02. Faint (Ext. Outro)

03. Papercut

04. Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)

05. With You (2012 Ext. Intro; Ext. Scratch Outro)

06. Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro)

07. New Divide


09. Points Of Authority


11. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'UNTIL IT BREAKS' v2; Wall Of Noise Outro)

12. Breaking The Habit


14. LOST IN THE ECHO (2012 Intro)

15. Numb

16. What I've Done


18. In The End

19. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge)

20. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro)

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LP played Birsbane first in 2010 on the A Thousand Suns tour. Its listed as "Boondall" which is a suburb in north Brisbane, same location as the show in 2007.


Edit: Also yeah no slow stuff or they will get killed by the crowd... Can't wait tomorrow will be amazing! Bring on Billy Talent also!!

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they're gonna play only singles...YAY! :blink:

They might but Soundwave's in the past have been unpredictable and crazy. Note 2 years ago 30 Seconds to Mars inviting a heap of people to crowd surf to the front and join them on stage... or Fred Durst last year just deciding to stop the set to have a beer and throw beers to the crowd. Hopefully LP do something memorable.

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30 Seconds to Mars inviting a heap of people to crowd surf to the front and join them on stage

They dud that with 95% of all concerts from 2010-2011... The other 5% was when theg ended with The Fantasy


EDIT: Probably not today's set but here's set B (Courtesy of troub1eboy)



Im gonna bet the festival set is going to open with LITE

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No new songs.

As i said a couple of days ago, Powerless will be release live in the Summer Sonic.

Is a shame that songs like I'll Be Gone (maybe) never will played live.


This is the most short Tour Cycle ever for Linkin Park?, correct me i'm wrong but only: 70 Shows, maybe more if they confirms another dates...

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The Soundwave sets are 75 minutes, not 45 :) So should be enough time for 16-18 songs.

I can tweet the setlists if I get a good spot. Probably won't be recording today's show so very likely to be tweeting instead.

maybe shortened setlist like in Austria
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I love IMR live, but it seems like Chester struggles a lot to perform that song. I think this could be the reason that it isn't played all the time..

indeed,he has to put very much effort in this song,"Sinking down and waiting,For the chance to feel alive",now jump from lower tone to higher tone using the best voice>"Now in my remains",again get low>Are promises that never came,

ok sing it in higher tone now>Set the silence free.come on again down>To wash away the worst of me.it's not easy,not at all,you've to give the best to audience,if you fail,show is over,he's not gonna fail,but it messes w/ his throat,he has done awesome shows since 2000,now I guess,he needs to do bit mercy on his throat.he's a very good singer

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Given Up

With You

Somewhere I Belong

New Divide


Points Of Authority (maybe after LGM?)

LIES GREED MISERY (touch pad fuck up half way)

Waiting For The End (w/ UIB v2 during Intro)

Breaking The Habit

CASTLE OF GLASS (song abandoned due to keyboard issues. Chester says "fuck that song. Let's play APFMH", Joe starts LITE.)



What I've Done


In The End

Bleed It Out

One Step Closer



Seriously Joe? Chester is about to get too good for this band...

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01. Faint

02. Papercut

03. Given Up

04. With You (Scratch Intro)

05. Somewhere I Belong (Extended Intro)

06. New Divide

07. VICTIMIZED (w/ Qwerty)

08. Points of Authority

09. LIES GREED MISERY (Touch pad issues during performance)

10. Waiting for the End (UNTIL IT BREAKS Intro, Extended Outro)

11. Breaking the Habit

12. CASTLE OF GLASS (Song abandoned due to keyboard issues)


14. Numb

15. What I've Done


17. In the End

18. Bleed It Out

19. One Step Closer

source lpa

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