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This Week's Downloads Summary


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A lot of downloads recently appeared this week so we decided to do a little summary of those instead of doing a Recording Of The Week this Sunday.


17.05.2012 North Hollywood, CA, Third Encore - Rio+Social

1080p YouTube rip (6 songs) - LP-BITS


05.06.2012 Berlin, Germany, Admiralspalast - Telekom Street Gigs

FM Version (18 songs) - DIME | LP-BITS | DEMONOID

1080i HDTV Proshot (12 songs) - LP-BITS | RUTRACKER

576i Proshot w/ different interviews (12 songs) - OPEN TRACKER


14.06.2012 St. Petersburg, Russia, Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex



22.06.2012 Tokyo, Japan, TV Asahi Studios - Music Station

1080i HDTV Proshot (Full episode) - DEMONOID

1080i HDTV Proshot (BID only) - LP-BITS

23.06.2012 Chiba, Japan, Makuhari Messe - MTV Video Music Awards Japan

1080i HDTV Proshot (3 songs) - LP-BITS



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this is a real nice idea to get people up to speed with the new stuff rather than offering one older show for DL.


although I have to now be careful with what I get since my hard-drive is pretty much fll again, and I managed to max out our JULY broadband limit at 40gb downloaded. "unlimited" my ass...

so I can't be an extra seeder on this, sorry guys :(


Does anyone have the third encore performance in mp3?.

try here :)
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just wanted to add, that putpat.tv will stream the show from berlin (telekom street gig) today at 20:15. this is only relevant for german users (thx geoblocking), but as far as I know it will be the whole thing.

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Woah the music station performance/broadcast is really fucked up... what exactly happened there? Chester's audio track is in sync with the video while the scratching/drums are heavily out of sync, until it's fixed after the first chorus.


And yeah I rather download a fast torrent than wariting the whole day untils it's done from various slow OCHs... torrent ftw! ^^

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haha... chester screwed first chorus it at music station... and this time there wasn't any DSP to save him LOL.

I hope you know that it was the TV broadcast that stuffed this up? People in the audience and Mr Shinoda himself confirmed that the song was played correctly in studio.

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A friend of mine actually looked up the statement by the tv channel (don't ask me where). It seems like the major fuck up happened when they came back from the commercials. There was supposed to be a shot clip that should have faded into the performance (you can see LP standing around doing nothing for a while until the performance starts). So that clip was played (a BID instrumental, just the audio and no video). Just before Chester starts to sing the actual live audio kicks in (now both tracks are playing), and it takes them quite a while to mute the instrumental. This show is pre-recorded, I wonder why they didn't fix it.

Don't take this for the 100% truth but that seems to be pretty much what happened.

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