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2008's Favorites


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Hey guys,


Since this year is over, I wanted to make a poll for you all. It's about the Linkin Park live year 2008. I'd like to know:


Which show is your personal favorite? Which one had the best crowd? Which one was the best performance by the band? Which one was overall just...awesome? Best audience sourced DVD? Best audience sourced audio? Best Proshot DVD / SBD? Anything else? Any other special shows?


I'd like to hear *many* opinions here.


Merry Christmas to all,


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Alright, let's see here.


Which show was my personal favorite from the year? Well for me to have a personal favorite, I mean I'd like to pick a show I went to. Out of the 4 Projekt Revolution shows I saw this year, I really liked West Palm Beach a lot. Tampa would have been epic but the sound was quite low and stuff, so I mean West Palm was where it was at in my opinion. I had THE perfect seat...the show itself was amazing. The image of the hands up on Points Of Authority will be engraved in my memory forever...it was just epic as hell. I was totally into the entire set. What I've Done opening kicked it, then Brad did his dance on Faint, then we were off into No More Sorrow. A lot of energy. For the encore, Pushing and BTH were very nice treats, and to end they came out with CFTI and then just tore the whole fucking place down with One Step Closer. It was a REALLY good show. The crowd was A+, LP gave it a lot, and they even said it was their best show on the tour up to that point. I'm even in 2 of the DSP pics, haha. The only downside was no Papercut, but Mike tore that shit up the next night in Tampa.


Best crowd of 2008. Well, I mean Tampa was insane on Proj Rev, but I know the US shows can't compare with the international shows. It's a tie between Madison Square Garden and Lisboa. For the show that was overall just awesome, I can't pick either. I'll give both of those awards to both of these shows.



Posted Image


Lisboa just fucking kicked it that night. An insane amount of people packed in for LP, and they gave the band everything they had. From What I've Done to Bleed It Out to One Step Closer, the place was going nuts. It was just an overall amazing show as far as the crowd and the band goes. The international fans really appreciate it when LP comes. It's something special when LP plays just 1 show in your country every 1-3 years, so you have to go extra crazy for them, which is what Lisboa does. For example, check out when the gates open and how they all run to get to the front of the stage and stuff. You don't see any of that shit in the United States. That's part of what makes the international shows so special. Then, Madison Square Garden was awesome too. A pretty cool setlist in good ole New York...but then Jay comes out and that place just lost it. Very very cool. The energy that night can't be rivaled by anything else if you ask me. Even Pooch said it was the loudest crowd he's heard for LP.


Best performance by the band?


They had some good shows in 2008. The European run at the beginning of the year was excellent. After the first few shows, they got in the groove and really performed well on that tour. Manchester, Frankfurt, London, Basel, and more...those were good. Camden 2008 was also pretty good. I imagine the band played some good shows in Europe in the summer too, probably in Athens, Dublin and some other cool cities. I can't pick just one performance because I wasn't at them all, honestly. If I had to pick one I thought had a pretty good performance I'd say either Manchester, UK or Camden. The shows I went to in Florida had some good performances too - shoutout to Florida right here.


Best audience sourced DVD. Hmm. Jonas's Frankfurt DVD is great I'm sure. Wantagh is pretty good. Bartek's MK would be awesome if I could get a hold of it. I guess Wantagh since I haven't seen any of the others (Berlin, etc). Frankfurt is decent but can't be rivaled by Wantagh. I'd also like to see Mannheim's DVD. I haven't really seen many of the 2008 DVDs since I haven't traded for any, sadly.


Best audience sourced show is no fucking doubt Nick's Camden. Koln is also a huge mention since it was taped with the same gear I have (which I love a lot). That's about it as far as audio goes. I bet the Winter US tour recordings we don't have kick some ass, but once again...the unreleased stuff doesn't really could I guess.


Best proshot DVD? Well it comes down to RTR or Lisboa I guess. Wantagh could count too since it was proshot in a way, lol. I don't like RTR at all, so definitely Lisboa. Even though the Lisboa audio fucking sucked, the performance blew MK's out of the water no doubt. The setlist and crowd were 5 times as good, no questions asked at all. It's not even close, lol. :)


Best SBD? Well that's definitely a biased question because once we heard WID opened in Hannover, everyone went fucking crazy and Hannover sort of became a legendary show. Show Me, A Place For My Head, Valentine's Day, etc. Hannover is a big show for people as far as the SBDs go, and I really liked it even though the band's performance wasn't really anything special. Edgefest, though, wins it. While it wasn't the best performance energy-wise or anything, the setlist just totally rocked it. Breaking The Habit piano / Pushing piano / Hands Held High piano -> What I've Done. That's some awesome stuff right there to start the show considering the circumstances. And then the lights went out on the APFMH bridge and came back on during the OSC bridge...that's great. So yeah Edgefest wins it for me due to the cool show and how much I was looking forward to that SBD when it came out.


Aaaaand there we go, there's my stuff.

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My favorite show was the one in Quebec City, outdoors. We waited several hours in the pouring rain but it was so worth it. The rain actually is what made this show. Without the rain the pit would have been way to hot, pushy, and crowded. Brad came out to start the show wearing a yellow rain coat too. There were about 50,000 people there! They also played Cure For the Itch after the encore and I was not expecting that at all! Outdoor shows are definatly way better than arena shows!


Would also like to note that the Montreal show was also really really good. It was my first LP show ever, and I was at the barrier. Chester hit the 17 second scream on Given Up as well. That gave me goosebumps!

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Hmm I loved Madison Sq. Garden it was my very first LP show and I will nv forget that night. Having Jay-Z come out for your first LP concert is really something, and hearing My December, In Between, A Place for My Head, the What I've Done intro, Don't Stay and the fully extended Bleed It Out was really something. What disappointed me tho was no Papercut or From the Inside tho. I haven't heard any audience recordings so can't say anythin bout those. Camden and Holmdel 08 was sick with the NMS samples and PMA studio, I was gonna go to Holmdel but friend canceled and I didn't wanna go on my own since rents were workin late that night. I really like the Rock In Rio festival first performance of PMA studio since 02! I also agree with u that Hannover is a legendary show Hahninator, 1st performance of the new APFMH, My December, Valentine's Day, Just Like Heaven, and the incredible What I've Done intro. And also to end this I think Milton Keynes was a good show but def didn't do LP any justice whatsoever for a live CD/DVD.

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My personal favorite show, you know, is Vilnius :)

Three reasons, WHY:

1. I was there and first time I saw LP live.

2. Crowd was incredible.

3. Awesome set + Chester sang everything very well (Personally, I think his voice was best during three shows - Skive, Vilnius and Brno).


Best crowd...

Mmm... I think something between Lisboa, MSG and Tampa. Vilnius not so far (look at these vids -

; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzYSz9_vufs...feature=related )


Best SBD:

Personally, I hate almost all 2008 SBDs (especially summer SBDs). Not looking to Chester's voice and not good mixing, I think that the best SBDs are - Hannover, Frankfurt, London (night 1), MSG, Tampa.


Good audience recordings:

Sure, Camden. I like Brno too.

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i could agree with hahninator that hannover kicked azz, coz i was there...it was really epic yea...

..but when ive listened to it on my pc i was like "wtf"....especially coz it was the first show in 2008 and i had still the 2007 shows in mind which literally blew my head off....and compared with em actually ALL 2008 shows just suck....


my fav would be mountain view though: 1. best crowd 2. best performance


but again its nothing against new jersey, indy, syracuse, etc from 2007...

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Umm, I like all of the Winter North American and European Tour SBD.It's great,but not really for PR'08 because the sound wasn't good,Chester and Mike voice were really quiet.Example the chorus "One Step Closer to the edge".Mike's sound was so quiet and Chester's sound wasn't as good as before since he was sick on the North American Tour.But I like that they've made the new one like "We made it" I really like the live version.


Better if they played "QWERTY" and some more old songs.

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My fav shows:


16.01.2008 Hannover, Germany, TUI Arena, Winter European Tour

(The crowd on the begining of WID was amazin)


22.01.2008 Paris, France, Bercy, Winter European Tour

(When listenin to the bridge on APFMH from that show on my headphones, that has gotta be the loudest crowd i've heard from all the times its been played in 08')


21.02.2008 New York City, NY, Madison Square Garden, North American Arena Tour

(Jay-Z from this show was unexpected & the crowd was awsome)


07.06.2008 Lisboa, Portugal, Parque da Bela Vista, Rock In Rio, European Tour

(To see & hear PMA bein played in its studio version live since 02' made me spechless lol)


22.06.2008 Dublin, Ireland, RDS Arena, European Tour

(Crowd from this 100% better than when LP 1st came to dublin)


And of course...

29.06.2008 Milton Keynes, England, National Bowl, Projekt Revolution Tour: Europe

(Don't really care what people said bout this but this show has and will always have a special place in my heart forever. Screamin so hard to OSC felt like i was already gonna lose ma voice, Singing along with chester to BTH like it was the last i sing before i die, The view of the stage when SOTD was bein played had me in my lil emotional moment, & BIO was not only the best version of this song i liked from all the SBD i have of all the shows...bt rob played his best drum solo...EVER lol)

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I only saw one show over this summer and it was the Projekt Rev show at the Camden Waterfront at the Susquehanna Bank Center. The energy the band gave off was unreal, and Chester saying "I fuckin' love this city man. You guys always show up to kick some ass" really got the crowd going. And I searched around live CDs of the other shows on that tour and not one of them compared to the quality of the Camden show. Everything rung out together. Brad's and Mike's guitars always popped, and Chester's and Mike's vocals were top notch. The CD didn't pick up the crowd that well with the exception of bleed it out but I can honestly say the entire crowd was singing along to every song. That's what got the guys so revved up, the crowd was pushing along with just as much energy as they were. "Man you guys really know how to sing out there." Chester said in between songs. Overall great concert, and the definitely the best live CD of that entire summer tour. Can't wait til next year.

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well Im gonna go by tour not specific show. I saw them in their US winter tour. And i think that was the best concert i have been to in my life and ive been to countless shows. February 19, 2008 in Baltimore. They were just amazing. I think that was the best tour out of the Minutes to midnight touring cycle. I loved all 3 set list they were running, the stages were 360, the arenas were amazing. Coheed and chiodos are the shit. it was just a great show.


Projekt Revolution Europe was also amazing. I checked out a couple of those shows and all the openers were great especially N.e.r.d and Pendelum, and Jay-z at Milton keynes.


Projekt Revolution US was kind of a disappointment. I went to PR 08 Camden, NJ July 19. Atreyu was amazing. I love but the feel of the show was kinda dry and boring. busta rhymes is great but his set was kinda to short and lifeless since he didnt even do a whole song...and then he leaves the tour. Ashes divide and the Bravery are just boring. good music, amazing songs, boring as hell to watch. I would of been happy if the show was just street drum core, Atreyu, Chris Cornell, and Linkin park. And LP's sets just weren't as good as PR 07 and the winter tour. no place for my head, didn't even play no roads left once. Hopefully the next tour will be better.

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