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Brad LPU Video chat THIS FRIDAY


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Just announced on LP Underground's Facebook page.


"Brad will be video chatting with LPU members this Friday, August 19 at 3pm PT in the LPU chat room."


Thoughts? What questions are you all going to ask?

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I don't like how Brad says he's playing less guitar. Really dissapoints me, LP with guitar just fits I'm tired of this new LP with an overabundance of electronica. Take a new direction but rock it out man! That's what made me an LP fan.

Who says Mike isn't playing a bunch of guitar?

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Very short chat, not much was answered. There was also some kind of audio problem the whole time. Chester's chat was 10x better than this.

What's going on with Brad's chats. Wasn't there a problem with his camera during the last chat.

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I tried to recap some facts I remember:


- Mike was drinking coffee.

- I asked him about a mobile art show -> he said, that it would be a cool idea.

- Mike refused to sing "Nyan Cat".

- The donated money for the secret show will transferd completly(=100%) to MFR.

- Future Summits maybe can last three days.

- Mike gave kinda a hint that the next Summit will be in Asia. Maybe Tokio. (NOT SURE THOUGH)

- Mike doesn't like tattoos.

- Mike believes, that there is a subliminal message in "Nyan Cat".

- They have no idea about the setlist for the secret show yet.

- Mike said, that it's sometimes hard for him to pronounce the names of some LPU members.


Just for the record: people from the LPU chat room could call Mike:


Nothing that special though. Some people talked about their experience from Summits and stuff.

A girl called in and asked Mike if he knows the song - then she played Nyan Cat. LOL. Funny reaction by Mike. Because the time was running out, Mike went quickly through the lines and thanked everyone who was waiting. At the end, Mike tried to confuse the callers by putting ten of them in a conference.

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